What NOT to Say to Your Partner About Weight Loss
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One of the main causes of marital troubles is weight gain. We have lots of guys who find their woman’s thunder thighs and flabby arms irritating and several ladies who find their hubby’s potbellies disgusting.

If your partner is exactly like this now, see Things to not say to a spouse about weight loss:

1. “You’ve put on weight”: They already know that they have added weight. You do not have to repeat it all the time. Just ask, “Are you OK?” and you can both talk about it.
2. “You shouldn’t be eating that”: Talking about your man or woman’s wrong food choices means you are judging him or her.
3. “Haven’t you had enough?”: Monitoring the portion of food he or she consumes can be annoying.
4. “I’m just trying to help”: Scrutinizing the person all day long is not the best way to render any help.

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