Bali experience: Best things to see, do, and taste

Most travel enthusiasts who make the exciting decision of taking a trip to the Island of Gods picture the place as a paradise getaway where you can peacefully sip on pina coladas with the locals and relax all day on the magical beaches. Even though Bali is truly a peaceful tropical island, it offers far more than just its breathtaking beaches. Without further ado, here are some of the noteworthiest things to see, do and taste when visiting this paradise on Earth.

1. Visit Ubud Royal Palace

Ubud Royal Palace
Even though the spectacular beaches of Bali are a must-see, tourists should not skip out on getting to know the cultural and historical aspects of the island as well. For instance, Ubud Palace, located in the northern part of the province showcases the islands rich and interesting history. In fact, it is the most popular historical building complex located in the area, which not only includes the palace but also a wide array of alluring gardens and various other architectural sites. Of course, before visiting Ubud Royal Palace, it is vital to arrive well prepared for the trip. Make sure to spend some extra time reading about the history of the complex and its important policies and rules. Also, do not miss the authentic performance which usually takes place in the palace itself. All in all, Ubud Palace is one of the best ways to dive into the rich culture Bali has to offer.

2. Get some sun on Balangan Beach

Located in the hill area of Pecatu, in the south part of the island, Balangan Beach is one of the top places anyone visiting Bali should not miss. Not only is it one of the most beautiful beaches in the area perfect for soaking up the sun on the piercing white sand, but it has also received the title of being the best surfing point on the island. If you are a surfing buff than staying at scenic Bali villas Kuta would be the way to go. The long waves which are one of the most prominent features of Kuta beach are ideal for any surfing fanatic. As a matter of fact, surfboards are literally sold in every nearby shop! Also, Balangan Beach is the perfect place to go if you want to relax in the sun without having to deal with crowds.

3. Party in Seminyak

Of course, what is an ideal vacation without a bit of nightlife? In fact, party-goers can rest assured that Seminyak has everything to offer and even more. From a ton of bars and fancy coffee shops, it is certain that anyone looking for a fun night out will find something suitable. Usually, the cafes and local restaurants work normally during the day, but at night they pull out cushions on the sandy beach and wait for the party people to arrive and enjoy in a wide array of interesting cocktail options. The best thing about partying in Seminyak is that there are a lot of villas in the area where you can stay to make sure that the party goes on! So, lounge on the beach or next to the private pool for a couple of hours during the day and grab a drink at night!

4. Connect with nature at the Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo
Located in the Gianyar Regency, Bali Zoo is the perfect choice for tourists who are interested in finding out more about intricate Southeast Asian animals and reconnecting with nature. Visitors can arrive during the day time and see different species such as tigers, rhinos and a bunch of exotic colorful birds, whilst at night there is the option of going on a night safari. In fact, the night safari is a perfect way to get a closer look at some of the most interesting nocturnal animals found in the Bali Zoo.

5. Seafood in Sanur

Famished and you want to try out something different? If so, visit one of the popular restaurants in the town of Sanur and indulge in a good deal of local seafood! It is interesting to note that the food in Sanur is typically grilled over authentic coconut husks, which contribute to a prominent smoky flavor. If you are not a fan of seafood, then consider trying out Babli Guling, a traditional dish of roast pig, rice and a serving of chili sauce (also called sambal). Remember, once you get a taste of the most delicious Balinese food, you will never want to go back to another cuisine; it is just that authentic and pleasant to the taste buds. So, step out of your comfort zone and dare try out fresh local dishes.

6. Explore the beautiful Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Tukad Cepung Waterfall
Most tourists already know the fact that Bali is world-famous for its stunning waterfalls and landscapes. One thing anyone visiting this heaven on Earth should definitely consider doing is taking an exciting trip to the Tukad Cepung Waterfall. However, even though it is a truly beautiful sight to see and a great place to take Instagram-worthy pictures, one must take into consideration that the area is relatively still a secret, which means that there is no official entrance fee for visitors. Also, do be careful if you decide to go exploring because there is a slight chance that rapid flooding may occur from time to time.


7. Watch the sunrise with Bae

bali sunrise
Are you travelling with your significant other and you are looking for some romantic date ideas in Bali? Or are you just a romantic soul who likes to watch the sunrise? Whatever the case might be, it is recommended to climb Mount Batur (located at Pinggan Village) and witness the magnificent sun. Also dubbed “the fire-breather” by locals, Mount Batur remains one of the most visited volcanoes in the whole area. Also, tourists who enjoy taking night-time photos do not have to worry, due to the splendid fact that the whole mountain is lit up by the lights of the village. What more can one ask for?

8. Swinging above the lake at Puncak Danau Buyan Wanagiri

Caldera Lake Buyan
Do you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie or you just want to try out something none of your friends thought about? Well, the next thing every tourist in Bali must experience is swinging at Zen Hideaway over the treetops at Lake Buyan. Picture this; the swing is placed hanging from a large and sturdy tree (it is definitely safe!) whilst overlooking Lake Buyan, also known as one of the twin lakes in Bedugul. However, if you are not feeling as adventurous do no worry! If you still want to have a fun time, but you do not want to do anything extreme, consider ordering a chilled drink and hang out at one of the bamboo lookout spots located right next to the swing.

9. Step into the mysterious Secret Gardens

Located in the north part of the island is the small, yet the friendly village of Sambangan, which is well-known for its gorgeous Secret Gardens. However, the jungles and wildlife in the area remain unexplored up until this day, so it is a perfect option for people who consider themselves adventurers at heart. More precisely, the secret gardens of Sambangan are a collection of natural pools and waterfalls which are hidden inside the gorgeous Balinese rainforests. A usual trek lasts about three hours and it said to be one of the most exciting things to experience on the island. Just remember not to leave your camera behind!  Many locals claim that the Secret Gardens’ beauty is unrivaled.

10. Go on an exciting safari at Mara Safari Lodge

Have you ever wondered what it is like to taste the finest Balinese cuisine whilst gazing at the rhinos out in their natural habitat? In fact, one does not need to travel to Africa to get a glimpse of what it is like to embark on a safari adventure. All one needs to do is to head to Mara River Safari Lodge and have the time of their lives. The resort offers some of the most unique activities for tourists of all ages and interests, from feeding zebras to even having some fun time with magnificent elephants. The best thing is that tourists have the option to hang out with the cute animals from the comfort of their own private balcony. Also, if you have smaller children with you, then consider showing them the petting zoo! It is guaranteed that they will have tons of fun!

11. Have a romantic dinner in one of the caves at Samabe

One of the most unique date ideas is definitely enjoying a romantic dinner in the mysterious caves at Samabe. Are you in desperate need for some alone time with your significant other and you want to make it feel a ton more special? If so, then hide away in one of the secret caves in the lush area on the island of Bali. The best thing about it is that there are high-class chefs and caterers who will make sure that your every need is taken care of.

12. Visit Frankenstein’s Laboratory

Horror fans rejoice, there is a spot on the beautiful island of Bali even for the most dedicated fan of the genre. Also considered the scariest place to hang out on the island with your friends, Frankenstein’s Laboratory is definitely something no one should miss out on. The Lab is the area in the bar which is meant for serving the intricate cocktails. The cocktails are truly unique and show-stopping, no matter if they are served alongside test tubes or spooky syringes. However, if you do not fancy anything off of the scary menu, then there is an option of summoning the mad scientists (the cooks) to whip something else up.

13. Get in touch with your inner child at Waterbom

Sometimes all we want to do is relax and forget that we are adults for a second; this is exactly where the water wonderland at Waterbom comes into play. Known as the most amusing theme park on the island, Waterbom is perfect for children and adults likewise. however, if you do not like the adrenaline rush and child’s play in the cool swimming pools, then consider visiting the park’s fish spa therapy centre for a bit of pampering.
From breath-taking beaches and stunning cultural sites to exciting parties, it seems as Bali has it all. Most importantly, do your research before taking the trip and put together a checklist of all the things you want to try out while enjoying your stay on the Island of Gods!
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