These are the most hacked passwords; be sure you are not using any

Passwords are keys to unlock online doors. We use them to log into our bank accounts, social media accounts, etc. These accounts are usually made to be used by one person, thus, the sensitive nature of passwords. A lot of people know this but there’s always a list of most hacked passwords and these hacked passwords are almost always the same ones.

This makes you want to ask if the stressful advice of choosing a not-so-easy-to-guess password is not enough. Computer and cyber security experts always caution people to choose strong passwords but cyber security reports always say people are doing otherwise.

A recent report from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in the UK published a list of the most hacked passwords. And from this list, the top ones are an indication that there are people who still don’t take online security seriously.

The NCSC compiled passwords that have had an appearance on the Have I Been Pwned website. This website is run by a popular security expert, Troy Hunt. He publishes these passwords to warn people to steer off of them.

Let’s see some of the most hacked passwords which you should never think of using unless of course, you want to get hacked.

Top 5 most hacked passwords

To me, it’s kind of funny why anybody would use any these things as passwords. The first of these passwords is “123456”. The report says this is the most hacked password and it is still being used by 23.2 million people to keep their accounts safe!

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123456789”, which is just an extension of the first one, is second on the list of the most hacked passwords. Also, 7.7 million people are still using this one. Coming at the third position is “qwerty”. This is used by 3.8 million people.

Next is “password”, disguising as a good password and it protects 3.6 million accounts. The fifth most hacked password, which probably should have been the first, is “111111”. It is also being used by 3.1 million online security-oriented people.

Just so you know, “iloveyou” is in the top 20 most hacked passwords. Also in the list are things like names of football teams, musicians, and movie characters.

Our advice

Looking at all the passwords here, you realised there’s one thing in common. Each of them uses the same set of characters: all alphabets or all numbers. It is really needless for someone to tell you to mix up different character sets in a password. There are alphabets, numbers, and symbols. Just mix them up.

Also, try not to reuse a password for multiple accounts. If someone gets hold of your main password, that’s it. You could be greatly compromised.

Lastly, if your password appears in the list on the NCSC site, quickly go change it.

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