One of the most popular forms of online games is undoubtedly Roulette. After taking the brick-and-mortar casino world by storm, the only way was up, and the classic game set its sights on the online live casino scene.
Roulette’s popularity is credited to the simplicity of the game; purely a game of chance for those who are willing to take on the challenge – regardless of your playing skill or lack of. With the move to online gaming, along came a whole host of new technology, all used to enhance gameplay and bring the casino to the comfort of your own home.
Read on to find out more about the technology used to facilitate this ever-popular game.

Keeping the game random

To ensure that the game remains random and fair, online gaming sites employ a Random Number Generator (RNG). Between regular online games and the live edition, it’s thought that the latter is the one that is truly random. The double zero American games will usually offer odds of 5.26% on a single bet, whilst the one-zero European version offers 2.7%. Ultimately, the goal of each online Roulette game is to match those same odds each time the wheel is spun.
Nowadays, there are RNG systems that will make a note of the history of numbers that have been chosen throughout the game before going on to select the next winning number. Because of this, the likelihood of the ball landing on the same-coloured number is almost impossible – even though it’s all still to play for. These RNG systems that are used in online Roulette games use a complex set of algorithms to make sure that the ball has a memory of where it’s landed before.
Because of this, can we really call the game random? To be considered completely random, there must no pattern or predictability to the event, but with specially designed software ensuring the randomness of the game, that’s not quite the case.


The Layout

You’ll be happy to hear that playing online will look almost identical to pulling up a chair at a real-life gaming table, perhaps just a little brighter thanks to the latest graphics. You’ll find the wheel highly animated and the table of chips and numbers ready for your selection. As the little white ball spins around the wheel, you’ll get a clear view of the action.

Going Live

Just when we thought online gaming couldn’t get any better, along came the chance to play live from the comfort of your own home. Long gone were the animated tables, and here came a new wave of studio settings and the latest in camera technology.
At first, live Roulette games left much to be desired, as they were being filmed in actual casinos, during real games with – you guessed it – real-life players. This led to people walking in front of the camera during crucial moments and various technological difficulties. So, the creation of live Roulette games found itself a new home in dedicated studios where there were no interruptions, with an upgrade made on the technology and cameras used.
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