To competently approach the choice of a meat grinder, the buyer must have a basic understanding of the device of this device. Knowledge of the main components of the unit will allow to properly assess their value and impact on the operation of equipment.

The Main Components Of The Electric Meat Grinder

Consider the main components and components of electrical models and explain the tasks that they perform in the device.

Housing With Motor And Gearbox

The main components of any electrical model. The engine is needed to transfer the movement of the working parts of the meat grinder (auger). The gearbox reduces engine speed and increases torque (force with which the shaft rotates). Its mechanism consists of several gears of different diameters (plastic or metal). Gearbox with plastic gears – is the most common option. It costs less and weighs less, however, when the motor is jammed (abruptly stopped due to overload), the gear teeth may break. The design with metal gears is considered more reliable, is less common, weighs more and is somewhat more expensive.
In addition to the engine and gearbox, the body can hide: the on, off and reverse buttons with terminals, control board, fuses. The presence of these components depends on the specific manufacturer and design features of the model.


This is a working shaft, twisted in a spiral. His main task is to move products to the exit. In the process of promotion, he picks up the pieces, presses them, dividing the ribs into portions, and pushes him to the knife. A long shaft with a large number of turns will better prepare products for cutting than a short one. In good meat grinders only metal auger made of stainless materials is used.

Reception Chamber

Metal nozzle in which the processing of products. On the inside, it has edges that facilitate the passage of meat and help the auger push it towards the knives. A knife, a lattice and an auger are inserted into the receiving chamber, the products are loaded through the neck at the top. Most often, this nozzle is solid, however, there are a number of models in which the camera is disassembled. For example, in the Philips HR2743 / 00 meat grinder, it can be opened in two parts to rinse under running water. And in the Philips HR2723 / 20 model, a special sleeve is inserted inside, on which all the residues are collected. The receiving chamber itself remains practically clean.


It is put on top of the neck, facilitates and speeds up the loading of products. Before processing it is convenient to put the sliced ​​pieces in the tray, and then send them to the mouth with the pusher. The most reliable and convenient is a wide metal cone-shaped tray, resistant to mechanical damage.



It is necessary for cutting and grinding products before passing them through the grate. Knives from different manufacturers may differ in form and material composition. The best option is a self-sharpening stainless steel blade that does not require special care.


Depending on the size of the holes in the disk, the gratings are divided into 3 categories:
Small 0.3-0.35 cm
Average 0.4-0.5 cm.
Large 0.6-0.8 cm.
Separately, there is a grill for beef stroganoff, which has long (up to 3 cm) elongated slots.
Discs with holes of different diameters allow you to get a different consistency stuffing. In addition, they can be selected for certain types of products. For example, for processing tomatoes, you can take a larger grill, smaller for nuts.

Additional Nozzles

These include all sorts of devices for processing fruits and vegetables, for the formation of meatballs and sausages, as well as for making short crust dough.

Cap Nut

Holds the auger, knife and grill in one position, fixes the structure during assembly. The stuffing is partially in contact with the union nut when passing through the grill, therefore, like all basic work items, it must be made of stainless steel. Otherwise, oxidation of the product is possible. From the outside, the nut has ribs that help to unscrew it after completion of the work.

Final Words

All of these grinder parts play an important role in a meat grinder. If any of the parts is broken or stopped working then it will interrupt the working of a meat grinder. To solve this problem you need some of the highest quality parts for meat grinders can be found at National Bandsaw at reasonable prices. You need to make sure the parts you are buying are worth the money.


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