why you cannot stop smoking
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Smoking can be a difficult habit to stop but believe me when I say it is very possible. I congratulate you if you have finally reached the point of quitting this habit. Let’s help you by showing you The best way to quit smoking and never look back:

1. Set a date and time to stop: Set a date and time to stop and keep smoking till that time. Do not stop smoking till the date and time you set, because it will boost your craving for cigarettes.
2. Look forward: Always remember that you will not be giving up anything because cigarettes do absolutely nothing for you in the first place. They do not offer any kind of pleasure, they just poison your lungs and make you an addict.
3. Have one last cigarette: Light that final cigarette and make a quiet promise that no matter how tough the road might be, you are done for good.
4. Expect withdrawal issues: Your body will react to this change but that does not mean you should give in to your cravings. It will pass. Your freedom is near.
5. Do not avoid other smokers: Do not stay away from smoking situations, go all out, enjoy yourself. See people smoking and don’t get jealous, just pity them.

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