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South India is located in the Southern parts of South Asia surrounded by sea from around. It is famous for its diversified terrains and beautiful places. When someone intends to visit South India, it becomes difficult for him to shortlist spots to visit because there are so many wonderful places one can visit.

South India is a hub of natural beauty. From plain areas to green mountainous regions, it has got it all. If you have some extra luggage with you, no need to be worried at all as you can send courier to India in lowest possible rates nowadays with the help of cargo companies. There are many places a person can visit when he comes to visit South India.

Varkala Beach

Varkala is a town located in the state of Kerala on the footsteps of the Arabian Sea. Varkala Beach is a really attractive place with plenty of hotels, shops, palm trees, sandy beach and an amazing view from the cliff that is what everyone dreams of seeing.

It is one of Kerala’s hottest places as far as tourists are concerned. If one wants to visit South India, a trip to Varkala has to be at the top of your priority.


If a person is a fan of architecture, then his trip to South India will be incomplete without visiting Mysore, which is home to probably the grandest palace in South India, the Mysore Palace embellished with thousands of lamps.

Mysore is located in the South Indian state of Karnataka. The best time to visit Mysore is at the start of October when the weather is glorious. Apart from the Mysore Palace, tourists can visit the Jagmohan Palace as well.

If you still feel you want to see more, then head over to the Mysore Zoo, which is probably the best in the whole of India. It is also one of the most ancient Zoos in India.


Gokarna is a good alternative if you do not intend to visit Goa. It is located across the border of Goa in Karnataka. It has one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of India. The tourists can go there to find a peaceful and quiet environment while being amazed by the beauty of the view they get.

If you are one of those who like to snorkel or parasail, then Gokarna is one of the best places to do so. But most of the people who come to Gokarna is for religious purposes to visit the Maha Ganpati Temple, which is a very old but historic temple.


Hyderabad is the capital of South India’s Telangana state. It is home to one of the biggest Asian IT markets. Recently, Amazon has opened its regional office here, which is their biggest office outside Seattle, Washington.

Hyderabad is much more than an IT hub. It has a huge history of Islamic traditions and is also known as the “City of Nawabs”. It has plenty of old masjids and many historical buildings, but also a lot of new modern buildings, which gives a look of the past but promises a wonderful future.


If you want to visit South India, but also want a toast of French culture, then Pondicherry is the perfect place to do so. It is an ex-French colony and still has many areas where the French colonial stamp is laid.

If you want to enjoy yourself further, Pondicherry is full of cafes and restaurants where you can have a good time. The best time to visit Pondicherry is in October when the weather is more pleasant. Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a prominent place to visit during your stay in Pondicherry.


Badami, Aihole, and Pattadakal are heritage sites with plenty of temples and signs of the Chalukya Empire. It is also one of India’s best places if you’re interested in visiting caves. The Durga Temple in Aihole is one of the most creative and artistic pieces of architecture that you’ll ever see.

The caves of Badami are a symbol of simplicity, yet everybody falls in love with them when seeing them for the first time as these caves carry a deep history. You’ll be inspired by all the sites you visit during your trip to Badami-Aihole-Pattadakal.


Coorg is an amazingly beautiful mountainous area in Karnataka. It is also one of the best destinations that a plethora of people visit each year. It is also known as ‘Scotland of India’. There are loads of coffee plantations in this area as well with picturesque waterfalls and lakes.

Coorg is one of the most touristic places in southern India. The best time to visit Coorg is at the end of September. Make sure to pay a visit to the Nagarhole National Park as well which is stunning and full of nature. If you’re seeking a place for a honeymoon, Coorg should be at the top of your list.


Kodaikanal is a popular holiday destination in Tamil Nadu, and also a very famous place as a honeymoon location for people. It has everything that one seeks in his ideal holiday point of disembarkation.

The hotspot place at Kodaikanal is the Kodaikanal Lake, and to visit it, boats and all the other amenities have been provided. It is an artificial and manmade lake. If you’re a plant lover and enthusiast and are looking to see a variety of plants and natural habitat, you can visit Bryant Park, which is also a picnic spot for visitors as well.

If you want to see nature from up close further, visit the Kodaikanal Pine Forest which amazes everyone who visits there to see. So, if you’re looking for a natural spot to spend some time in, Kodaikanal fits the bill.

Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands are a series of islands located in the Bay of Bengal, and are part of the Indian Administration, even though it is located at more than 1300km away from mainland India. Indonesia is 200km away and Myanmar is 300km away from the Andaman Islands.

In the last few years, some of the 36 inhabited islands have been opened for tourists, and tourism in this area is booming. To visit these islands, you can take a flight from either Mumbai or Chennai to Port Blair, which is the capital city. The beautiful beaches of the Andaman Islands are the ones which attract every one the most.


Hampi is a historic place in Karnataka which dates centuries back. It was one of the biggest cities in the world in 1500 AD. Now, it is a heritage site which is a hub for travel enthusiasts. It was the capital of one of the biggest empires in the world, Vijayanagar.

Hampi is full of ruins and several monuments. This ancient place has a great feeling about it when people visit it. Hampi is easily accessible if you’re coming from Goa. The best time to visit Hampi is September as the weather is chilly at that time and perfect for touring.


Madurai is one of the biggest cities of Tamil Nadu and is also called the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu. People visit this city for one major reason, the Meenakshi Temple. There are many other places to visit as like St. Mary’s Cathedral and Gandhi Museum in the city.

The city is more than 4000 years old, which attracts tourists from not only local cities but also international tourists from worldwide.


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