Stage 4: Working on a true and lasting love

Once you pass the hard times of stage three, stage four acts as the much-needed reward. This stage begins once you’ve figured out the bottom cause of all the conflict and pain in your relationship and are now working together to resolve all your issues.

The essence of resolving your issues lies in the ability to understand that nobody in this world is perfect. Your partner has lived their entire life with their own share of insecurities, faults and imperfections and so have you, therefore it is in the interests of both of you to accept those insecurities, faults and imperfections and move on to lead a happy life with them.

From time to time, trying to make each other feel secure would be the best thing to do, to not only make them feel better about themselves but also to strengthen the relationship. The fourth stage is actually the stage where you fall in love with their imperfections, where you realize that they are not perfect, yet they are perfect for you, that no one else will ever be this perfect for you.

When you want to work on building a true and lasting love, it is necessary for you both to help each other grow, to help each other leave behind all your fears, and to help each other heal all your past wounds. Once this healing process starts for both of you, you’ll feel all the love and passion start to enter your relationship again and you will know that you have gotten over stage four, leaving behind any potential reasons to stay away from each other.

Your love will grow stronger as you will work on a true and lasting love every day by being there for each other in times high and low and by putting your selfish interests behind to deal with each other’s problems. That is how love has always survived and thrived and if yours does too, it will be exemplary.

Stage four will be when the rough, doubtful times will be over, and you will have learned what love actually is.

Stage 5: Taking on the world with your love

The world is not an easy place to live in. There are times when you get so caught up with all the stress at work, all the negative people who keep bringing you down, all the problems that never seem to end, that you start to lose hope.

But when you find and build a true and lasting love with someone, you reach this final stage of happiness, this stage where no amount of negativity and no amount of stress can ever bring you down. Because the only thing that truly matters is the fact that you’ll always have this one amazing person by your side.

They are the first thing you see in the morning and the last one at night, and that becomes enough for you to remember whenever stress knocks on your door. Life is all about ups and downs and can be pretty rough sometimes, but if you have a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on all the while, the rough can become easy and the ups and downs both pleasant.

It cannot be denied that the power of two is greater than a unit, and when the power of love combines with it, one can only imagine wonders taking place. So when you have that person you think you can take on world with, hold on to them, because you can do great things if you have the perfect amount of love and appreciation with you—that is a fact.

The last stage of love is the first and happiest stage of a strong and healthy relationship. It teaches you how every problem can be dealt with and every hindrance cleared off with the power of love. Believing in each other and never letting go is essence of all the five stages.

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