I understand, the lockdown is a strange experience and it can toy with our minds, however, it is not a time to make mistakes, therefore, if you are thinking about rekindling the fire with someone who played a major role in your previous toxic relationship, think again. See Early symptoms of cancer in men:
1. It will soon be over: If it does not end this month, it could end in May, or June, or even July. The point is, it will end eventually so you should not make hasty decisions. You dumped this ex for a reason, do not open yourself up to a repeat of sad events.
2. It is just boredom: We are all tired of watching movies, eating, browsing, you are alone in this boredom. But the lack of activities should not force you to go back to your vomit. Just do everything to guard your mental space during this period, trust me, you won’t regret it.
3. Horny?: If you are looking for quick intercourse with someone, it is impossible anyway. The lockdown will most likely be affecting this person as well so any movement to your place cannot happen. Use toys and self-help if you cannot bear it anymore.

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4. How about if you get shunned?: Think about it, what if you get ignored? what if he or she acts like you did not send anything? You don’t want to put yourself in that situation.
5. Self-pride: Just speak to the person in the mirror and think about if it is really worth it.
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