Tesla is working on resuming some manufacturing operations as soon as possible in Fremont, California, report have said. Several employees returned to the company’s Bay Area factory recently to start preparing to open with vital safety precautions in place. However, if Tesla begins to manufacture cars, the company would be violating local public health orders.
Recall that California Gov, Gavin Newsom recently announced that retail businesses and the producers who supply them would be allowed to reopen at the end of the week, but he added that county and local governments are allowed to maintain their personal rules.

Tesla restart operations
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According to Business Insider, various Bay Area counties, including Alameda, where Tesla’s factory operates from, currently have a shelter-in-place order till the end of May, and no agreement has been reached to the kind of reopenings Gavin Newsom has implemented.
This is looking like a dicey situation for Tesla because it has been doing everything possible to reopen despite public health guidance. The company has even attempted to stay open severally before being compelled to obey the rules.
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