We live in amazing times. Our technology offers us the ability to change any aspect of our appearance at any time.
As AI meets grooming and hacks our beauty routines, whether you’re looking for a modern beard grooming kit or a new futuristic skin routine, we’ve got you covered.

1.  Through-the-Looking Glass: Try-On Digital Hair Color

We’ve all been there. The haircut on TikTok looked incredible, but your version looks awful. Good news: in today’s virtual reality world, you can try on any hairstyle and colour you like without spending a penny or risking your self-esteem!
 technological advancements in the grooming industry
Welcome to the virtual App world, where all you need to do is upload a photo of your face and choose from hundreds of hair colours and styles. Numerous online sites offer a free or very inexpensive virtual look at yourself with a radically different look.
Search with the words “virtual hair colour try on” and let the fun begin!

2.   Virtual Make-Up

The cosmetic industry is estimated to be worth almost $50 billion, just in the US! Let’s admit it: buying new makeup is fun but also extremely expensive. Luckily, the latest technology allows you to log in to a site and try on every shade of makeup you desire.
Virtually try on brows, foundations, lipsticks, and eyeliners. Once you find your makeup happy place, it’s easy to get everything shipped right to your door.

3.  The Beard is King

Admit it: your beard makes you feel extremely strong, attractive, and unique. Did you know that 55 per cent of men around the world proudly sport a beard? The beard industry, composed of lotions, cutting and shaping tools, hair dye, and more, is worth over $24.1 billion!
 technological advancements in the grooming industry
As anyone with a beard knows, owning the right beard grooming tools is key to maintaining your beard’s health, beauty, and style. One of the best ways to tackle your beard upkeep is to purchase an all-in-one beard grooming kit available online.

4.  Printed Makeup

Let us wow you with just two words here: Printed Lips. Yes, you can now print makeup!
technological advancements in the grooming industry
The world’s first makeup-printer is available. Just download the image you want to print, and voila! Printed lips, or cheeks, or eyelids! Go online and search for printed makeup and be prepared to go wild!

5.  Warm Shaving is for Everyone

Shaving can be a sensual experience, especially if your hi-tech razor warms up! Treat yourself to the coolest new shaving gadgets of 2021: the heated razor.
Now in stores or online, heated electric razors come with their charging stations, and that also cleans and disinfects your razor!


Enjoy the future now with our ‘5 Amazing Technological Advancements In The Grooming Industry.
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