Have you ever suffered the inconvenience of not being able to provide a friend or relative with some tech support simply because of the distance and time? Well, if you and that relative or friend both use the Chrome browser or even a Chromebook, you can fix the issue or walk them through the solution by using the Google Remote app to remotely gain control of their computer to do so.
First, you need to download the Chrome Remote Desktop app in order to be in control of your client’s computer using yours or another computer. Once you’re done installing it, click on the app and this pop-up window would show up giving you two choices:
remote desktop 1

  • Share this computer for another user to see and control
  • See and control a shared computer
  • Access your own computer from anywhere

Helping a less technically savvy friend or relative will require the first category (“Remote Assistance”). If they already have Chrome Remote Desktop installed on their system, you only have to tell them to press the big green “Share” button. For their initial time they are using it, they’d be directed to download the Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer — which is a one-time process.

Clicking on the green ‘Share’ button would get them a randomly generated 12-digit numerical code. That’s when you have to click on the ‘Access’ button. Ask the person you’re assisting to call with or text you the code, and type that into the pop-up box. The other person will get a box that asks “Would you like to allow [email address] to see and control your computer?” They have the choice to Share or Cancel.

Should they select ‘Share’, you will now have control of their computer. They wont lose control, however, but, you can do anything they can from your computer, including showing them how to run an installation or find an email they accidentally deleted.

sharing screen

While you’re sharing the screen, there’ll be a small box reminding you and your party of that. There’s a timeout safety feature on the client system. In order to remain connected, you’ll have to click on it.

You can get around the timeout feature if it’s a nuisance to you. To do so, go back to that “Access your own computer from anywhere link” on the first Remote Desktop window. Then click on “Get started”. You’ll be asked to enable remote connections and to provide a PIN for security.

Once you’re done with that, you can use Remote Desktop from another computer by simply going to Remote Access, finding the system on the list of My Computers, clicking on it, and entering the PIN. Then, there will be no timeouts. However, you must be using the same Google account on both systems.

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