Standard Chartered is one traditional financial institution that is heavily utilising technology to make its banking services more fluid to its customers. The latest tool from Standard Chartered Bank is the SC Keyboard.
This is a banking feature that is accessible via social platforms and messaging apps. It is targeted at the country’s tech-savvy population.
The SC Keyboard feature gives Standard Chartered bank’s customers access to a range of financial services. These services can be accessed right from within any social or messaging platform without the need to open the SC Banking app.
With this new SC keyboard banking tool, customers can transfer money in real-time and check balances. The customers can use the tool to pay for their utility bills as well.
The social platforms this tool can be accessed on include Twitter and LinkedIn. For messaging apps, the feature can be accessed on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and the mundane SMS app on your phone.
Bossman Kwapong is Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Limited’s General Manager for Products in Retail Banking. He said the bank is very committed to providing more banking convenience to its customers.
The SC Keyboard is an important milestone in the Bank’s digital journey, we are committed to leveraging the best technology to make banking more convenient for our customers thereby enhancing service delivery.
Our clients can now pay bills, view account balances and transfer money to their friends or family whilst on any social or messaging platform. They do not have to switch from their messaging to bank.  We want client interactions to be simple, intuitive and seamless.
An interesting side of the feature is, you wouldn’t even have to exit the currently opened app to perform any transaction. Say you’ve opened WhatsApp, you can check your balance, pay bills or send money to any mobile wallet, and your WhatsApp will still be opened.
Since SC Keyboard is basically designed like a keyboard, you can choose to set it as the default keyboard of your mobile device.
If you are a customer of Standard Chartered Bank you can download the Android app on Play Store or the iOS version on App Store.
Customers that have the SC app already would need to update it before they can use the SC Keyboard. After the update, the app will prompt the user to activate the keyboard feature.

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