SpearHead joins Zerofox for social media security

SpearHead Networks, an ICT security training and next-generation threat driven solutions provider in Ghana, has joined Zerofox, a cyber-security company based in Baltimore, Maryland, for a seminar in Accra. The meeting is set up for stakeholders to discuss the solutions on the state of social media security and digital risk monitoring.

The conference is against the background that though social media has become very useful in modern society by making the world a more connected place, information shared by people and businesses through such platforms is sometimes intercepted and misused by hackers and scammers.

Thus, Spearhead Networks and Zerofox intend to use this seminar to inform users of the need to be security conscious. The two security companies have introduced the “Zerofox Solution” software, which was developed to help curb social media menace.

The Zerofox Solution works by gathering information from the deep and the dark web to protect those on the surface web.

Gabe Goldhirsh, the Vice president of Zerofox, assured that the Zerofox Solution would help corporate organisations to protect their brands from cyber-attacks, impersonation, account hijacking. As well, the solution would help take down offensive content.

The Deputy Minister of Communications, Vincent Sowah Odotei, also added his voice to threats from cyberspace. He guaranteed that the Ministry is implementing a national cybersecurity policy and strategy to address cyber-crime and security challenges in Ghana.

Dep. Min. Odotei added that the cyber-security secretariat has also been set up to link with all computer emergency response teams across the country.


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