SPAPP Monitoring is a full monitoring application. This application works on Android 2.2 and up, including Android 10. SPAPP Monitoring is designed to work in background, and it is optimised for low power consumption.
This application is great for tracking your employees or as a parental control application. SPAPP Monitoring can also be used to backup data from your phone or to track your phone if it was stolen.  SPAPP Monitoring must be used legally. In the case of employee monitoring, you may need his/her written consent, even if the device is yours or your company property. Check the full Terms of service.
All the logs are sent using the internet. You will be able to view all your logs for free remotely, only by accessing

SPAPP Monitoring features

SPAPP Monitoring has many features, and the list keeps growing with each release. It has some basic features such as:

  • Gps logs.  Best way to locate your target mobile and is always FREE. GPS location is also available on many basic features such as SMS and MMS messages and phone logs.
  • MMS/SMS logs. It records the sent and received MMS and SMS messages.

  • Phone logs. SPAPP Monitoring will track and record all incoming and outgoing phone calls.

SPAPP Monitoring

  • Browser logs.  Browser tracking for many inbuilt or installed browser. From the popular Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera browsers to the less known ones. The main domain name and the date when it was accessed will be saved as a browser log.
  • System logs like shutdown, low power, ring options or SIM card change notification.

  • Applications. SPAPP Monitoring is tracking all the applications on the device – installs, updates or uninstalls, as well as the app usage.

  • CONTACTS logs. You can be able to track all new contacts added and to check the full contact list with Live control.

  • CALENDAR logs. Check the events added in the calendar.

  • SPAPP Monitoring is offering a wide range of social media apps messages tracking. The list is updated with the new trends with every release. It is already quite complex. From the most popular social media apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Facebook Lite, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to the regional superstar social media apps such as Telegram, WeChat, Zalo, KakaoTalk and VK or the oldies Skype, Viber, IMO, Hangouts, Line, Kik, Hike, BBM or Tango and even to the niche apps such as Tinder or Discord.
    No matter your region or the social media used by your kid or employee, you’ll always know what is going on there. No ROOT is needed for social media messages tracking. On some apps, SPAPP Monitoring is tracking even the messages when the user is in the specific chat up to 100% depending on the device. This in-chat feature is valid for Whatsapp tracking, Facebook tracking and Snapchat tracking.
    SPAPP Monitoring
    Other important features are the recording ones:

    • Call recordings. SPAPP Monitoring has the call recording option even on Android 10 now!
  • Surroundings. This ambient recording can be done with an SMS or internet command.

  • Except for the Surroundings, there are many other Live control features. You can control the device with SMS or internet commands remotely. However, some commands aren’t compatible with all Android versions. You have this compatibility info very convenient in your account on the Live control page.
    SPAPP Monitoring
    Last but not list, there are media logs. SPAPP Monitoring is tracking all taken and received pictures and videos as well as screenshots and saved images from the internet.
    No matter your needs, you always will find some features that fit you.

    SPAPP Monitoring quick install guide

    SPAPP Monitoring install guide is easy to follow for any user. You will have to INSTALL THE APPLICATION ON THE PHONE THAT YOU WANT TO TRACK. You cannot install the application on your phone and track another phone.
    First thing you need to disable Play Protect. Go to Google Play -> Tap on the left upper corner menu icon -> select Play Protect -> Tap on the right corner Settings icon -> switch off “Scan apps with Play Protect” and confirm by tapping on Turn OFF after it proceeds to install.

    Here is the quick install guide

    1. Go to device’s browser and type -> enter -> download the app and open it
    2. Go to settings from the Google warning regarding unknown sources and enable this permission
    3. Install the app and open it. Tap on the accept-next button.
    4. Register an account when you first run the application. Enter your email, repeat your email and enter a password.
    5. Enable push notifications for SPAPP Monitoring. This step is very important for incoming social media tracking features such as Whatsapp monitoring or Facebook tracking
    6. Enable accessibility for SPAPP Monitoring. This step is very important for outgoing social media features, browser logs and call recording on Android 10.
    7. Tap on exit.

    SPAPP Monitoring is installed on the target device. After about an hour you can check the logs. The phone must have INTERNET ACCESS in order for the logs upload to be done.
    SPAPP Monitoring

    SPAPP Monitoring price list and subscription offers

    As you already understand, SPAPP Monitoring has many features and can be suitable for many people around the world, no matter the needs and even the budget.
    First of all, it has a FREE 3 days trial to test any newly added device. After the trial is used, you have 2 options to make a basic or a full subscription depending on your needs. Full subscription includes the basic subscription offer plus the recording features: call recordings and surroundings.
    No matter you need a basic or a full subscription, you still have many options to choose from. The shortest subscription is for 1 month. The longest is for 1 year, and in between, there are 3 months and 6 months options. So you’ll have big flexibility when it comes to choosing the period.
    The cost for 1 device for 1 month is 10 USD for a basic subscription. The full subscription is double.
    The good news is that you can benefit from discounts if you wish to purchase a subscription for longer periods of time.
    The cost for 1 device for 1 year is 40 USD for a basic subscription and 80 USD for a full one.
    Note: In European countries, the VAT amount will be added to the subscription price.
    The even better news is if you purchase this product for more phones, you will receive a discount of up to 50%.  For example for 2 phones 10% and for each extra device, 5% will be added so when paying for 10 phones the discount is 50%. I would say a good deal for a small business as an employee monitoring solution.

    The bottom line

    No matter your needs, there are many features useful to anyone. Another good thing about this app is the technical support existence, and it is 24/7. For any application problem (installing, running, using, payment), you can write to, and you’ll receive the wanted help.
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