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South Africa may be on the lower end of the African continent but still remains to be one of the greatest travel destinations in the world. This is proven by the large number of travellers to the country each year. While there is no shortage of reason to visit South Africa, the most prominent ones include its diverse wildlife and gorgeous beaches along with a wide array of natural wonders. Attracted by its natural beauty, a large number of travellers coming to South Africa each year are Indians. However, they do so with a decent amount of effort. The need for this effort arises from many travellers often being clueless regarding the conditions and requirements for a South Africa visa. Hence, to make your trip a little more magical, here is a handy guide for getting a South African visa:

What is a South Africa Visa?

To know how to get something, you need to first understand what it is. A South Africa visa is described as an official approval given by officials of the country for your trip. The approval is given in the form of a stamp on your passport allowing you to visit South Africa. Usually, visas are granted by the embassy or consulates of South Africa for your visit. A major factor for granting South Africa visa is the reason for entry. This also the primary factor in deciding which type of visa you should get. The major visa types include business, tourist or transitory.

Do you need a South Africa visa?

Before getting ready to make all that effort into applying for a visa, procuring and presenting documents, paying the fees, etc., make sure whether you need a visa or not. According to the terms of South African travel authorities, Indian citizens need a visa to visit South Africa. As for the effort for application, you can significantly make it easier for yourself by applying for a South Africa visa online. You can even do so through travel agencies as they can assist you through the complete process. Every type of South Africa Visa only allows you to stay for a maximum period of 90 days at a stretch.

Documents required for South Africa visa

Here is a list of documents that you need to attach to your South Africa visa application:

  • Passport with minimum 6 months validity from the planned date of arrival in South Africa and minimum 3 blank pages
  • 2 recent colour photographs
  • Personal Covering letter
  • Up-to-date bank statements of the previous 6 months with a minimum balance of the equivalent of ZAR 3000.
  • Confirmed flight ticket booking for the return journey
  • Reservation for accommodation
  • Vaccination certificate for yellow fever if you are traveling through the yellow fever belt.

Requirements for entering South Africa

The stamp of approval that is referred to as a South Africa visa is simply a permission to visit South Africa. However, if you wish to enter the country, you will have to fit a separate set of requirements in addition to the visa. As the requirements are similar to that of visa requirements, this should be all but a formality. Still, you should ensure that you fit these requirements:

  • A valid and acceptable passport your planned stay
  • A minimum of one blank passport page for endorsements
  • A valid visa
  • Sufficient funds to cover your expenses during your stay
  • A return or onward ticket
  • Yellow fever certificate if your journey begins or passes through the yellow fever belt of South America and Africa.

Applying for a South Africa visa is not as tricky as in many other countries. However, you need to be careful with the documents. The short-term visitor visa is usually provided for leisure visits like holidaying, cruising, sightseeing, and many more activities.

Moreover, unclear and incomplete applications are usually rejected. Hence, you have to ensure the utmost caution while filling and submitting the application. Moreover, ensure that you have read about and followed all guidelines regarding the required documents before you proceed with your application.

You may put all the effort and check each and every step thoroughly before submitting your application but you may still face troubles with it. The reason for this is that all the major decisions like issuing a visa, number of entries allowed, duration of the visa, etc. depends on the sole discretion of the South African travel authorities.

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