In the modern era, having an online and digital presence is one of the major strengths a business can have. While companies have been marketing themselves using online platforms for years, social media has proven to be the most effective tool you can employ for business growth.

Today, the percentage of the world’s population that uses Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — among many others — is massive. For this reason, it’s important that companies exploit the access they have to prospective clients — by taking advantage of the one-on-one nature of social media to directly place themselves before the masses.

Social Media for Business Growth

Yes, lots of people use social media, but how does that take away from the traditional methods of advertising; TV and radio? Aside saving you a lot in terms of costs — while being cost-effective — social media marketing has grown to become the most preferred mode of advertising, rather than being just a supplementary act. Read on to find out more.

Better and Easier Marketing Campaigns

With people spending more time with their smartphones and other portable devices such as laptops, traditional TV advertising is on the decline. Rather than spending thousands or millions on grand marketing campaigns, why not spend less to achieve better results on social media?
With the intimate setting of social media, you can be doing customer service, Public Relations (PR), as well as be executing your marketing strategies — all from one platform. What your company gains when this is properly done is exposure by word of mouth, and improved credibility due to the positive reviews or recommendations from satisfied clients.
Social media marketing is a much more effective strategy for stimulating business growth, especially now that there are more people logging in on their smartphones rather than sitting behind television sets to watch commercials. Also, social media marketing makes use of data collected on users’ behavior, so you can target your campaigns toward people who have an interest in what you have to offer.


Connect to Customers

Previously, we mentioned how you can be providing customer service while doing PR for your business via social media. It’s easy for people to find and engage your company online when you have a strong social media presence as well as a responsive customer service unit. Your online presence gives you the foundation to build a community around your brand.
Social media is where people get to relate to your brand on a personal level. So when you show consistency in catering to their interest — even if it’s just on an enquiry level — you’d make them fans of your business. Through this, you better your chances of business growth as these fans of your business wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to people based on the pleasant experience you gave them.

It’s Great for SEO

Do you have a business website? If yes, then, you should know that your social media pages can directly send people over to the website. Your Facebook page or Instagram posts can directly boost organic traffic to your website.
Does that contribute to search engine rankings directly? No. However, it’s helpful for content marketing. And that can then contribute to your ranking. Believe it or not, having social media pages can direct people to your business website.

Reach Target Demographics

Maybe your company likes to market certain products to specific age groups, or reach multiple demographics at the same time with offers unique or specific to each. Facebook (together with Instagram) and Twitter’s tools allow you to reach all those groups with offers and discounts tailored just for them.

The Takeaway

As a business entity, should you be able to effectively use social media, you’d experience a noticeable increase in your customer base. With the accompanying increase in sales margins, you can look forward to further business growth if you use the platforms to your advantage. Businesses like physiotherapy that intend to reach many, expand their customer base, and gain loyal following should pay attention to and invest in physiotherapysocial media marketing.


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