Snapchat is testing a new idea to challenge Netflix and YouTube

Snapchat Shows

Snapchat is readying itself to up the game of video streaming — a step up to its rivals, YouTube and Netflix. The company is testing a new feature — Snapchat Shows — that will allow users to stream original content just like Netflix.

This new feature, “Creator Shows”, is bringing top celebrities including comedian Kevin Hart, Serena Williams and Arnold Schwarzenegger on board. The app is currently testing a dedicated section for shows. This section is separate from the main Discover page and other publisher content.

Snapchat’s shows are now integrated into the Discover section of the app. With this new Creator Show feature, users will be able to swipe over from the Discover page to reveal a dedicated “Shows” sections.

Snapchat Shows

According to Mashable, who first broke the news, a spokesperson from Snapchat confirmed the company is testing the “Shows” feature currently. Unfortunately, the spokesperson didn’t say if the feature will be available to all users.

The Shows feature is said to look much cleaner than other parts of the app and is similar to what you might expect on an actual streaming platform. Thus, it will be “instantly comfortable to anyone that uses streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime”. The layout is gridded just like you’ll find on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Snapchat Shows

Shows targets the majority under-34 Snapchat user base. The contents on it will include a scripted drama called Two Sides and Schwarzenegger’s show “Rules of Success with Arnold Schwarzenegger”.

Not just those from Kevin Hart, Schwarzenegger and Serena Williams are coming. There will be a lot of news programmes, documentaries, and comedies.

It makes sense for Snap to open up as the company says time spent watching shows has more than tripled over the last year. Plus, this is a new way for Snap to highlight its growing slate of original content.



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