When it comes to men’s sexual life, everything is shrouded by taboo. The stigma usually exists because of the males themselves who push other men to feel embarrassed about the slightest sexual problems. Premature ejaculation is one of the most common problems that can lead to depression in many men. Almost every man has experienced premature ejaculation at one point or another. The reasons for such a disorder may vary, and while some genetic or physiological causes can’t be completely cured, they can still be managed through a vast array of solutions. No doubt not being able to control the time of ejaculation can ruin the experience for both partners and lead many men to feel inadequate. To help you take control of your ejaculation, we’ll be offering some simple exercises that have been tried and tested specifically for this purpose.

Controlling Your Breathing

There is no simpler way to control your erection than through breathing, which also helps in controlling ejaculation. Since intercourse can be a pretty intense activity, people often end up taking shallow breaths and gasping for air. You can teach yourself to breathe deeply outside and during intercourse to help you gain more control over your time of ejaculation. Shallow breathing will increase your heart rate and pump more adrenaline into your body, which will force you to release sooner than you want.

The Squeeze Technique

The squeeze method is a pretty popular ejaculation control technique because of its simplicity and effectiveness. You can do it alone or with an understanding partner. Once you feel like you’re on the edge of ejaculation, squeeze the tip of your penis for a few seconds. Make sure you squeeze it firmly but not so hard that it hurts. You can do this as many times as needed, which will help you get used to the sensation of ejaculation, giving you more control over it.

Stop and Start

Commonly known as edging, this stop-and-start method helps you learn the intricate details of how your body feels before and during an orgasm. As mentioned on https://www.promescent.com/blogs/learn/edging-technique-premature-ejaculation, edging can also increase the intensity and duration of the orgasm itself. As you come closer to ejaculation, stop completely until the urge to ejaculate is completely gone, then resume. You may not perfect it the first few times, and you may ejaculate accidentally, but once you get a feel of how it should go, you’ll gradually gain a lot more control. It’s better to practice this with an understanding partner so you could get used to it quicker. This way, you’ll notice yourself delaying ejaculation each time more efficiently.


Doing Kegel Exercises

The Kegel muscles are located below the bladder. They are the same muscles you use to stop yourself peeing. These muscles are responsible for controlling not only the urination process but also ejaculation. They extend from the tailbone to the pubic bone, and they’re the core muscles of the pelvic region. To be able to exercise them, you need to get a good feel on how to control these muscles properly. When you’re in the bathroom, try to stop yourself from urinating midstream, and then release it. You can still control the contraction and expansion of these muscles even if you’re not urinating. Perform 3 sets of these exercises each day, each set containing 10 contractions held for 3 seconds or more. You’ll notice that you’re able to hold off on ejaculating for longer durations as the muscle becomes stronger.

testicles 2790218 960 720PinMasturbating Earlier

This is a very common and easy technique. Before you head to your session, try masturbating one or two hours earlier; this prolongs the duration because your body will be prepared and less excited. Be careful not to masturbate too close to the performance because the refractory period between each erection may make it hard for you to keep an erection. You can incorporate any of the exercises as mentioned above in your masturbation session for increased benefits.

Stamina Exercises

If you’re not used to working out, sex can be more tiring to your body and heart. You may want to start practising cardio activities to stabilise your heart rate during sex, which will help you have more control over your ejaculation. You can also incorporate some yoga practices that allow you to hold certain poses for longer durations, which will help you limit your anxiety while increasing your flexibility.
There is no doubt that premature ejaculation is a pretty frustrating problem, but there is no need for it to plague the mind of those who suffer from it. The simple exercises mentioned should be more than enough to help you significantly improve your control over your ejaculation impulses. You can incorporate other elements like thick condoms and numbing gels to last even longer.
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