SIM registration: MTN upgrades system to fast track procedure

SIM registration: MTN upgrades system to fast track procedure

Long queues emerge at outlets of network operators. Government to curb mobile phone and money fraud with exercise. The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications has stated that an imminent system update on the software used for the ongoing SIM card registration exercise is expected to ease the process. Offices of network operators across the country have since January 5, 2022, been experiencing an influx of registrants seeking to get their SIM card re-registered, resulting in long queues.

Requirements For Registering Your MTN SIM Card In Ghana - GhanaCNN.com
Chief Executive of the Chamber, Ken Ashigbey commenting on the exercise revealed that the developer of the platform for the registration exercise is expected to on Thursday [January 6, 2021] introduce an update that seeks to mitigate the time span for the process.

“We know that there’s been a lot of challenges and KelvniGVG are the people who have developed the app to provide the second phase of the biometric verification and there have been a lot of updates that KelniGVG has done. There is one that is due on Thursday evening, and all of it is supposed to speed up the process.

“There have been some bottlenecks with them and that is why we are having the queues at the various centres. We hope that this new update will quicken the process and make it faster,” Ashigbey explained to Citi News in an interview. He added that while network operators have implemented some measures of their own by opening up more outlets to curb long queues and register more persons, the Telco Chamber remains confident that the process will soon be eased for registrants.


As part of efforts to curb mobile phone fraud and sanitize the telecommunications sector, the government announced the commencement of the SIM registration exercise from October 1, 2020, to March 31, 2022 deadline. According to the government, the exercise when completed will also help track and monitor persons using their phones for criminal and illegal activities. As of December 10, 2021, the National Communications Authority said it had so far registered and linked over five million SIM cards to their respective National Identification Cards also known as the (GhanaCard).

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