One difficult thing about moving on from a breakup is accepting that the person is gone for good. Sometimes, you start to think about if he or she might still come back. It is true, you might be lucky enough to see the person return to you, but not everyone will be that lucky. See Signs your ex does not want you back:

1. He or she fails to respond to your calls or SMSes:
When they stop picking your calls and texts days after the breakup, it could just be the person needing some space to reflect. However, when months and years begin to pass and your phone calls and SMSes still get ignored, it is time to move on. Starting afresh cannot happen without communication.

2. He or she blocks your number:
This is a sign that the person wants nothing to do with you henceforth. It is a red card, accept it and move on with your life.

3. He or she ignores your efforts:
If you keep doing all you can to win him or her back and your efforts are not appreciated, you need to let go, else, you will begin to make a fool of yourself. Find someone else and fall in love again. You are too special to be taken for granted.

4. He or she makes no effort to reconcile:
Reconciliation will only happen when you both want it. If you are the only one pushing and making moves, you will only be getting your hopes up and nothing will change. Just free yourself and find someone else.

5. He or she says “I’m tired.”:
When the person is fed up with the relationship, it is best to stop trying to make things work because it will never be worth it.

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