The regular intercourse you keep getting from her and the fact that she has never said no to you in bed is not proof that she is loving how you make her feel during intercourse. Do not be deceived by the several fake orgasm women out there speak of, and improve upon yourself today. Signs woman intercourse:
1. They look like they’re not into it: Even if some just prefer to be inactive during intercourse, complete passivity is a signal that the intercourse is not that great. Good intercourse is passionate and it should involve touching and active participation from both parties.
2. She does not initiate it: Even if men are more likely to initiate intercourse, women do it sometimes too. If she never asks you for it, it could be because she is not feeling it at all and now sees it as a chore.
3. She ignores intercourse triggers: There must be something you both do that often leads to intercourse. It could be a particular type of kiss, a touch in a certain spot e.t.c. If she does everything to avoid such triggers, I am sorry to break it to you, getting in bed with you is not something she desires.
4. Self-conscious: If she is very shy about intercourse, it could also be a problem. There are wives and girlfriends that are very hesitant about their husbands and boyfriends seeing them naked because it makes them uncomfortable. In such cases, you both need to talk about it and know where the problem lies. Maybe it is something you said or a particular reaction she got from you in the past.
5. Staying up later or going to bed early: Have you ever noticed that your partner rarely goes to bed at the same time as you? If you see her going to bed early when you are still enjoying that TV series or staying up late when you are in the mood for some action, it could be because she is avoiding intercourse with you. Expect her to always find one excuse or the other because it is very obvious that going to bed at the same time might result in intercourse.

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