The ranking for cheapest electricity cost on the African continent is out, with Ghana ranking 9th and number 1 in West Africa.

The list released by GlobalPetrolPrices.com, which is known to track the retail prices of motor fuel, electricity, and natural gas in over 150 countries, also saw Ghana placed 27th in the World.

With Utility service providers calling for an increment in charges over a period time, some Ghanaians raged that the current prices are even still too high to afford.

The world average price of electricity is currently $0.133 per kilowatt/hour (kWh) for household users and $0.124 per kWh for business users.

In Ghana, citizens are paying $0.046 per kilowatt per hour for household and $0.10 per kilowatt per hour for business owners, equivalent to GHC 0.37 and GHC 0.80, respectively.

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The Electricity Company of Ghana has called for a 138% increase in electricity charges for households and businesses

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People queueing to buy electricity in Ghana

North African country Sudan sit on top in the world ranking with $0.002 per kilowatt per hour for household and $0.019 per kilowatt per hour for business owners, followed by Libya and Zimbabwe.

Below is a section of the Electricity cost World Ranking.

COUNTRY COST($) 100 cents =$1 RANKING

Sudan 0.002 1st

Libya 0.004 2nd

Ethiopia 0.007 3rd

Zimbabwe 0.013 4th

Angola 0.027 5th


Zambia 0.033 6th

Algeria 0.036 7th

Egypt 0.044 8th

Ghana 0.046 9th

Nigeria 0.057 10th

Tunisia 0.068 11th

Cameroon 0.080 12th 

DRCongo 0.083 13th

Tanzania 0.098 14th

Botswana 0.103 15th

United States 0.159 16th

UnitedKingdom 0.265 17th

China 0.083 18th


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