When you are planning a marketing strategy, email marketing is the most affordable and effective marketing channel. With an excellent value proposition and measurable metrics, emails can also help in getting more engagement from an SEO perspective.
Yes. That’s true!
Trying to rank your web page or content on the first page of search results is the dream of almost all SEO experts out there. And if you are leveraging email marketing as one of your promotional strategies, then positive SEO results must be one of your top priorities.
As far as using email marketing and SEO in the same sentence, it might not be making a direct connection. But email marketing ensures that you drive qualified traffic to your web pages.
Let’s see how to get more engagement from SEO through email marketing.

SEO through Email MarketingPinConduct A/B testing for SEO Keywords

Sending A/B split test campaigns is a great way to analyse SEO keywords. There are two ways through which you can send test email campaigns: A/B test emails and multivariate test emails.
You can send A/B test emails when you want to test out two different sets of an email. But if you want to test multiple versions of emails, you can go for multivariate testing. With these approaches, you can analyse which email records the maximum engagement. Furthermore, you can learn the preferences of your subscribers.
This can direct the audience to search for your content on other platforms. Many email marketing tools provide the option to send A/B test emails. Advanced email service providers also offer detailed analytics and reports of the emails that you send.
Most marketers prefer to test different keywords by changing subject lines. You may even try different keywords in the email copy. In the end, you can optimise your sites based on your keyword analytics via email testing.

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Maintain a Separate List of Highly Engaged Subscribers

This step becomes essential if you are trying to boost your SEO results. Highly engaged subscribers have a habit of opening your emails actively. They spend their time reading the content of your emails and visiting your CTA links.
Meaning, they are somewhere interested in your brand, products, or services. You may easily make a separate list of highly engaged subscribers by segmenting your email list. There are ample email service providers that offer segmentation options.
But what is the need to maintain a separate list?
Instead of sending bulk emails to your entire email base and recording poor email metrics, send emails according to different segments for better engagement. The highly engaged audience visits your site and clicks through the links mentioned in your emails, thereby boosting your SEO results. They may even search for your content in different search engines later.
Consider the list of your highly engaged subscribers as the list of your potential prospects. If you want to send promotional emails campaigns, or run affiliate marketing campaigns, or send discount offers, then this list can prove quite beneficial.
By using your content and the list of dedicated subscribers, you can achieve two goals in one go. Meaning, you can turn your loyal subscribers into paying customers and boost your SEO results via email marketing.

Send Quality Newsletters

Email newsletters have become a necessary trend. It doesn’t matter if you run a small, medium, or large-sized business, you must send a well-designed and dedicated newsletter to your opt-in subscribers.
Sending a newsletter just for the sake of it will not suffice. You need to make sure that your content and emails are well-optimized. You need to make your subscribers believe the fact that your newsletters are specially crafted and designed for them. It is a widespread practice to let your subscribers know that they are exclusive.
Therefore, you need to add personalising elements and put in your best content in the newsletters. It is not just about adding the name of the subscribers and sending your well-written blog. You need to analyse crucial elements before pressing the send button.
First things first. Segment your email list according to your business capacity or needs. For instance, make different email lists based on industries, verticals, professions, geographies, gender, age, income. You can even create different sets of lists for most to least active subscribers.
SEO through Email MarketingPin
The next step is to tailor your content according to the interest levels of your subscribers. If you have written a piece of content on supply chain tactics, make sure it reaches eCommerce vendors, retailers, manufacturers, or retailers.
If they find your content engaging, chances are, they will spend more time reading your content and share it further. Your subscribers are more likely to engage with your content if it is more relevant and resonating with them.
To create a quality newsletter, you can opt for a robust email marketing tool. Before making any decision, make sure you perform in-depth research and comparisons of email marketing software.

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Leverage Social Share

It is a widespread practice to incorporate social share buttons in your emails. This is a good way to leverage search traffic through social media. Putting social share buttons opens up new opportunities for boosting your SEO metrics.
Of course, the social share is not a legit parameter for SEO ranking as per Google. But it does have a substantial impact on generating organic traffic to your web pages. This can be achieved if you target the right set of audience by sending the right content.
Make sure to encourage your highly-engaged audience to share your emails or newsletters in their network with links back to your web pages.
SEO through Email MarketingPin

A Wrap-up

Using the strengths of different marketing channels is an effective way to create a wonderful marketing strategy. Each marketing channel brings unique benefits to your SEO strategy.
Segmenting your email base into target groups and using personalisation elements are two essential ingredients to boost your search visibility and drive qualified traffic.
Make sure you use one of the tactics as mentioned earlier in your SEO strategy via email marketing.
What do you think? Feel free to put your thoughts in the comments below.

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SEO through Email MarketingPin
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