Do you avoid visiting certain sites when connected to your office network, because you don’t want your employer to track you? Well, if you are such a person, then this article is for you. Your internet service provider can block your access to certain websites; but with the use of some secure VPN apps, you can always have your way.
In this article, I have highlighted the best five secure VPN apps you can trust for your everyday need, by helping to unblock some internet usage limitations.

1. Proton VPN

Proton VPN is a paid VPN app but has a free version with myriads of features. First, you would have to create an email account to use the Proton VPN. The only disadvantage is that you only get to use one email account on one device. Proton VPN is mostly preferred because of its security. And even though the paid version is the most recommended, the free version gives you 251-bit encryption and DNS (Domain Name System) prevention.
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2. TunnelBear VPN

The Tunnelbear gives you access to 24 location servers in the App. It has a feature known as GhostBear that hides the fact that you are using a VPN from your ISP.  Speed is not guaranteed with the activation of a GhostBear, so only use it when it becomes indispensable. You can trust Tunnelbear as one of the best secure VPN apps that can suit your everyday need.
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3. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield comes with a lot of limitations. User’s location is restricted to the US server only. But you get to enjoy a military level based encryption system, as well as use on five devices.
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4. Betternet Premium

This is a simplified version of Hotspot Shield that gives you the option to choose from the available servers. Though it does not meet the security encryption protocols Hotspot Shield offers, Betternet can be listed as one of the secure VPN apps you can use.
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5. HideMe

HideMe can also be listed as part of the secure VPN apps to be trusted. It encrypts your data with protocols like IKEV 2 and Open VPN. One of the basic features of the free version is the split tunnelling that allows you to create a VPN for some apps and services, while other apps can use the internet without the VPN restriction.
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Final Words

That been said, you should also know that VPN is one of the easiest ways your private data can be accessed. Though there are free versions available, always try and choose a paid plan if you can.
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