JOHN-BUNYA KLUTSE WRITES: Save A Life Today By Sharing The Word Of God

word of God

Jesus is still in the miracle business.

But God is willing to receive you and forgive your sins, if you call on Him to save you.

After I was done shopping for my monthly supplies at the Junction Mall on Sunday, January 29, 2017. I decided to pick a taxi just within the parking lot instead of pushing the trolley to the bus stop.

Upon reaching the taxi rank there was a bit of confusion who should drive me to my destination. By the grace of God, the misunderstanding was settled and I got a driver who I had to cajoled to accept my offer since I was not willing to pay his price. He agreed with a long face but I was not moved.

I gracefully sat in the front seat of the car like a car owner. We took off smoothly and there was not much to say esply because I am not a big talker if you know me so well.

I decided to keep myself busy by Facebooking. Whiles on Facebook, I chanced on a sponsored video of YouGenia Kumi about a child who needed help to finance his hole-in-heart operation.

My taxi driver took interest in the video but I was not paying so much attention so I did not even hear hin make an utterance. He repeated himself and this time I heard him.

He spoke in Twi but I will narrate the entire scene in English.

He asked – Where in our body is the liver situated?

I look at him and smile. I took time to speak my broken Twi to explain where the liver is using a slaughtered goat scenario. He got the picture, and I smiled cos I knew I did not disappoint my science teacher, however, I was not too sure I got the position right so I google and was able to give him visual thanks to Surfline GH.

His countenance changed!

He then narrated his ordeal to me. It was not a pleasant one. It felt so sad to know this young man although older than me has been in this painful situation for a year and counting.

This driver has been experiencing pain in the region where the liver is and whenever he presses it he sometimes has to release some farts.

Because of this pain he was not able to attend church and has been drinking fever related herbal medicines cos he felt his mouth was sour and concluded it could be some kind of fever-related illness.

I got more concerned when he told me the genesis of the matter. This whole thing started after one bad dream. I really got angry in my spirit because the devil was at it’s best again messing with a Christian who did not know his right.

The sad bit is he lost a brother to a similar challenge.

Fast forward … I took time to share with him something brief on Jesus, and that He is willing to heal him if and only if he believes. I also explained the mystery of the communion to him and offered to minister it to him if he was willing.

He gladly said yes! JOHN-BUNYA KLUTSE WRITES: Save A Life Today By Sharing The Word Of God 1🙂

I also took time to teach him about the mystery of the mantle.

Once we got to my apartment. I invited him in. I dashed out to buy a handkerchief from my landlady since that was what I was going to use for the mantle for him to take home.

I quickly prepared the communion right before him and read John 6: 53 – 57 for him to appreciate what we were about to do. I blessed the communion and asked him to drink.

After that, I gave him the mantle of our Bishop David Oyedepo Ministries International for him to put on his stomach before going to bed and also hang in his car whenever he was on the road.

He looked much better after the entire encounter. I took the opportunity to invite him to church this Wednesday, and he gladly accepted my invitation.

The good new is.

Around 4pm today, he called me. JOHN-BUNYA KLUTSE WRITES: Save A Life Today By Sharing The Word Of God 1🙂

He sounded happy. What he said gave me teary eyes.

He did not only believe Jesus will do it, but he prayed when he got home. He continued this morning with a fast, and to the glory of God he feels no pain.

I thank God for touching him and proving that He is still in the miracle business.

Our God is never dead.

Let us take every opportunity we have to share the word of God. You may be saving a dying soul.

May the name of our God be forever praised.

Thank you, Jesus.

Jesus is Lord

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