Samsung has always been my go-to brand when it comes to the smartphone. I am a big fan of their Note Series; however, this post isn’t about the Note Series. Today, let’s focus on the Galaxy A32.
Samsung targeted customers who needed simple mid-range smartphones with its Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A31 devices. With the Galaxy A32, however, Samsung equipped the device with something that is until now only seen on their flagship Galaxy devices; a high refresh rate display — in this case, 90 Hz. In addition to the 90Hz AMOLED screen is the 64MP camera at the back, with Samsung positioning the high refresh rate as a differentiator for the device.
Before I dive into the review, let’s check the key specs of the Galaxy A32 available in Ghana.

Samsung Galaxy A32 key specs

  • 6.4 inch / 162.56 mm Super AMOLED Display
  • 128GB ROM (Storage)
  • 6GB RAM (memory)
  • 20 MP, f/2.2, (wide) front camera
  • Quad Camera: 64 MP (wide) + 8 MP (ultrawide) + 5 MP (macro) + depth sensor
  • Mediatek Helio G80
  • Android 11, One UI 3.0
  • Li-Ion 5000 mAh, non-removable battery
  • Colours: Awesome Black, Awesome White, Awesome Blue, Awesome Violet

This review is about the Samsung Galaxy A32. Read on to find out more.

Samsung Galaxy A32 at a glance

It feels compact and not very heavy for a phone with a 5,000 mAh battery under the hood. However, while the build quality is excellent, the plastic back and frame make the A32 feel less premium, especially when you consider how easily the device picks up fingerprint smudges and minor scratches.
The 90Hz (Full HD+) is a cool fancy feature for a lower mid-range Galaxy smartphone; however, the MediaTek chipset, which powers it, calls into question its ability to offer users a great experience on a high refresh rate screen. In my experience with full HD+ displays, you’ll need more chipset capability to do more.
But that aside, even if you’ll not be making use of the high refresh rate, there are some other attractive features that you should be happy about. First, the big 5,000 mAh battery should have you excited about your device not running of out juice at any point during your day — especially if you’re not into demanding activities such as gaming. Besides that, you’ll be getting the latest Samsung and Android software out of the box. In addition to that, if photography is your thing then, you have a 64MP main camera setup to have some fun with.

Samsung Galaxy A32 review: My thoughts

Compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy A31, Galaxy A32 is a significant improvement of the A31, simply put.

Samsung Galaxy A32 at a glance
Source: John-Bunya Klutse /

Display, battery life, performance, camera


Galaxy A32 display
Source: John-Bunya Klutse /

As stated earlier, it has an AMOLED display and a 90Hz refresh rate — making it the first Samsung device to combine the two features. Unfortunately, while the MediaTek Helio G80 chipset is not bad at all, it certainly doesn’t handle the high refresh rate as it should.
The optical fingerprint scanner built into the display is quick, and I’ve had no problems with that so far.
The 90Hz refresh rate sometimes works, meaning it doesn’t often happen, leading me to conclude that it may be a cool marketing gimmick, and I wouldn’t bet my happiness on that.

Battery life

The 5,000 mAh battery powering the Samsung Galaxy A32 easily gives you two days of regular use. So even if you’re a heavy user who’s always on internet forums, it should take you through your day without dying. This hints at the battery discharging much slower, which is quite impressive as the device, in my experience, isn’t so much of a fast charger.
In order to extend the lifespan of your battery, try to keep it between 30% to 80%. Don’t overcharge it above 80%, and don’t also allow it to run down below 30%. Thank me later.


The one thing Samsung seems to have gotten on point is the gaming performance. While features like the camera can be slow by seconds, the device handles gaming admirably, thanks to the higher clock speed of the GPU inside the A32.
This means that if you play titles like Asphalt, Call of Duty, and PUBG Mobile at their default settings then, you’re going to have some fun. Again, you might want to avoid bringing the 90Hz refresh rate into play here because the MediaTek chipset will humble you with its underwhelming performance in 90Hz. Stick to the default 60Hz, and you’ll be content with the device like there were no issues.


Samsung Galaxy A32 cameras
Source: John-Bunya Klutse /

The biggest leap from the A31 is the improved camera setup. The main shooter goes up from 48MP to 64MP and, together with improved AI scene recognition and HDR effects, produces excellent photos with no extra tweaks required. Across our tests, the photos were consistently sharp and colour-rich, with great HDR light balance in complex shots.

A 64MP main rear camera can do a number of things. If you want to capture high detailed images, switching to the full 64MP mode is what you need to do. Keep in mind that you’d end up with a poorer dynamic range for going full mode. But you’ll love the outcome — unless you intend to enter the photograph(s) in a competition.
Also, the main camera utilizes pixel binning to take 16MP pictures. The detail in such pictures, however, are lacking.

That aside, however, noise in either camera (16MP and 64MP) is well controlled in daylight pics and indoor scenes when there are some bright lights to keep things vibrant. However, the nighttime performance is what you’d expect from a Samsung Galaxy phone within the price range; nothing too extraordinary.
The camera lacks optical image stabilization, so in order to have some image stability, you’d have to be as still as someone in the presence of the Lord.
Although low light selfies are a challenge, you can use the screen flash to get better results from your 20MP front camera. Also, the amount of detail and accuracy of the skin tones is quite fair and acceptable.
Overall, the A32 delivered a very strong camera performance ensuring it a podium place finish amongst its budget-priced competitors.

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Samsung Galaxy A32: Price and availability

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy A32 in the first quarter of 2021, and the phone made its way to the global market. It got to Ghana somewhere in April 2021. The phone is available in a single configuration with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage in Ghana, retailing at GHS1499. 
The Galaxy A32 is available in four color options: Awesome Black, Awesome White, Awesome Blue, and Awesome Violet. My review unit is the Awesome Violet.
You can buy the Samsung Galaxy A32 from all accredited Samsung dealers and major phone shops across the country, or you can reach me on 027293933 if you need further assistance.

The verdict

The Samsung Galaxy A32 is a decent phone with outstanding battery life, versatile cameras, and it comes with guaranteed software updates. However, my main issue with this device has to do with the refresh rate. While the device, in my opinion as a smartphone abuser, didn’t light my candles, it would be unfair of me to have Galaxy Note expectations for the Galaxy A32.
At GHS1499, this device does not promise too much, and its performance is well within the range of its pricing. As stated earlier, while the Galaxy A32 has features of its own it can boast of, it is not a Galaxy Note, so lower your expectations on having a premium experience with it. This mid-ranger, however, is guaranteed to give you a fluid experience, and if you’re a smartphone gamer, you’d have quite some fun with it.

Samsung Galaxy A32: Should you buy it?

You should buy this if …

  • You want a 90Hz AMOLED panel.
  • You need a budget phone that looks good
  • You want familiar software and timely updates
  • You want a phone with great battery life.

You shouldn’t buy this if…

  • You want lag-free performance in day-to-day use
  • You want a phone with fast charging

Let me end with this — Every phone is good! Any phone on the market was designed to do something. Make sure to level up your expectations with how much you want to spend. Don’t expect premium level experience, yet your budget can’t afford a phone within that range. In some words – CUT YOUR COAT ACCORDING TO YOUR SIZE.  Until my next review, get yourself a Samsung Galaxy A32 if my “Should buy this if” are your expectations. 
First reviewed: June 3, 2021.

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