I seldom have my phone powered above 90%. Well, with the very few times when I have it above 90 or at 100%, it is usually in the morning. I mean after I have fully charged it overnight.
I have realized that over time, my battery life has depreciated and it can’t last over an hour with average use. I have been told by most of my friends that it could be because I overcharge my phone at night. Is that the case? Or my phone’s battery is dying its natural death.

Does overcharging your phone kill its battery?

I am sure you have heard that your device’s battery will die in no time if you overcharge it. Well, that is partly true and partly a myth.
You see, phones and batteries are meant to be used. So having to charge your phone is inevitable. But at what point does it become too much?
Your cell phone has circuitry that will automatically stop charging once the battery reaches full capacity.
However, some experts have said that consistently allowing your phone to even hit 100% will gradually degrade the battery. So it’d be best if you leave your phone’s battery power between 30 and 90% always. For them, you don’t need to overcharge your phone if you cherish its battery.
Nevertheless, it is important to note that if you use your phone for business and it is required that it always stays on, having it on charge all the time is the best. Yes, you don’t need to remove it from charge. If you have a power bank or a portable charger,  you may leave the phone on charge forever.
As I stated earlier, phones meant to be used. So you might probably leave it on charge as you use it. By the time your battery dies, you may have replaced the phone.
So for a heavy and average user like me, leaving the phone on charge is the best but if you care so much about the battery as a non-heavy user, leaving it between 3o to 80% is okay.

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