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Some of us may face dangerous situations in our life, and some will luckily and thankfully, don’t face such cases. The real fact is that many of us are not often dealing with criminals, and many of them assume that they will not interact with any potentially violent encounter.

An adequate safety and health management system are the primary and the vital key to reduce the severity and number of workplace and personal injuries and illnesses. This will result in lower accident costs. Effective safety management is central to manage all the critical issues related to each element. Here are the safety apps that will help a person to be safe both in their personal and official life.

Watch Over Me

This app is available for both the Android and iOS devices. Watch Over Me screen appears with two statements, “Watch Over Me I” and “For”. Followed by these two buttons, for each report the user will fill an action and a time frame. After filling the user has to tap on the Watch Over Button at the bottom of the screen. After this, the app will take a countdown screen, and then the user has to confirm their safety. They can tap on the square button below it to extend the session. If the user didn’t verify their safety by the time the counter will hit zero. The app will contact the user’s previously designated friends via email, SMS or even through Facebook with the user’s GPS location.

Two others options will remain calm throughout the app they are, Instant Emergency Alert button, and a banner at the top of the screen, users can tap this button to unlock all the features of the app. All those features don’t come free. Users have to pay $4 per month, $10 for three months, $15 for six months or $24 for a year. Users can add an unlimited number of contacts, and they can send an infinite number of SMS alerts, they can even have many numbers of Watch Over Me event registrations. Users can shake their phone to activate an alert. While alerting the friends, the app turns on the phone’s camera, and it includes audios and videos also.


This app is available for both the Android and iOS users. This app has some of the similar features like Watch Over Me. bSafe allows the users to add contacts. It calls the contacts as guardians. The guardians can follow the user when they are on their way home. The app has an SOS button, which will alert the guardians with the user’s GPS location. Once the person is registered with bSafe, it will ask the person to select their guardians from their phone’s contact list. The users must have more than one guardian who can be reached via phone. Other guardians will be informed via text message or a combination of both phone and text message.

At the times of danger, the user has to tap the red SOS button. As soon as the user taps on the SOS button, the app sounds an alarm and set off a bright light on the user’s phone and text the user’s location with their guardians and calls a particular guardian. All the active guardians will be informed when the user taps on the SOS button. Users should keep this in mind when they add many contacts in the guardian list. bSafe also helps the guardians to trace the user’s home via GPS. Users can set an automated alarm so that if they fail to check after some amount of time, the bSafe alarm will trigger and alert the guardians to where the user have been and to where the user is currently present.

VithU app   

The fact is that no one has time to dial an emergency number when they in danger or abnormal situation. VithU app helps the person who is in danger to skip through the number-punching, instead it allows the victim to push the power button so that, an app will send an SOS alert to the contacts. Alert messages are sent in every two minutes to all the listed contacts. The receivers will receive a text message along with the victim’s physical location. This location will get updated each time the message goes out.

Circle of 6 app

Circle of 6 is a unique and exciting app, which will allow the users to come in connect with 6 close contacts in times of need. This app helps the user to have a safe ride home or for an intimate face to take you safely from an unfamiliar environment. This app will allow the user to send an alert to 6 close and chosen contacts. Above all, the Circle of 6 app will help the user to contact proper authorities in the emergency situations or even for the sake of the relationship advice.

Life360 Family Locator app

Life360 is a multipurpose app, which helps the families and friends to stay connected, and it will help the users to handle their locations. The app allows the users to create circles or groups and add people to those circles and helps them to see a location on a confidential map. By this way, the app will help the user to keep track of their family members and confirm their locality and safety. Users can share their location with other members of the circles, and they can chat with the other people in the circle for free. An additional feature is that people can use this app to find the lost or stolen phone.

I’m Shakti app   

I’m Shakti app is an interesting app that helps the user to keep in control of their power or Shakti. As like other apps, this app also helps the people in case of emergencies. To reach the emergency contact, users have to press the power button five times within 2 seconds. When it is done, it will trigger an app. A preset emergency SMS will be sent to the contacts along with the victim’s GPS location.

Famy app

Famy is a family chat and locator app. For the parent who has a courageous and bubbly child or the one who has to watch their teenage sibling or the one who has issues in their personal space, Famy is the best locator app for them. The app will select the exact GPS location of the user and shares the location with the group. The app will keep track of the victim’s previous location and it will alert the users to send an SOS alert whenever necessary.

Nirbhaya app

Nirbhaya is called as the fearless app. This app allows the user to send an SMS alert or call with just a single touch in the case of the emergency. When it is activated, it will send the user’s precise GPS location with the pre-selected contacts. It will send the exact location of the user, and it will frequently update every 300 meters the user moves. Other features of the app include the Geo-Fence; it will help the victim’s contacts to know about the person’s location. Another feature is, “Shake to alert” function, which allows the user to use the power button to send a distress signal.

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