Most of the school students are always struggling in mathematics. Some students’ favorite subject turns out to be mathematics while others are constantly having a nightmare about the same. Students are very intrigued by maths. In many cases, students can score very high marks in every subject except for maths.

There is a fear of mathematics and, the complex problems in the examination increased this in several folds. Students who do not have a love for mathematics are not motivated to clear their concepts and do not have an interest in the subject to solve questions on their own.

Students who are passionate about mathematics solve different books score high marks but the students who are not good at maths struggle and only solve NCERT and don’t get the state of the different kinds of questions that are asked and score fewer marks.

Secondary schooling is a crucial part of a student’s life because all the basic concepts are taught in secondary classes.  It is further taken forward in the senior secondary wing. At such a crucial time, solving only NCERT doesn’t give the ample number of questions a student needs to practice to master a concept.

Doing every single book for mathematics is not possible and finding the right guide and a good reference book is what a student needs the most to Procure good marks in mathematics. RS Aggarwal is one of the best books in the field. The book covers every topic in great detail. It has a lot of problems a student can solve on the concepts.

The Book has a variety of questions ranging from low to high math difficulty levels. Students can’t expect to solve every question given in the work but they can get an idea about how different questions are asked, from a particular concept. Class 9th mathematics includes concepts like triangles, matrices, and determinants, algebra, etc. which form the base of senior secondary schooling.

Why refer RS Aggarwal for class 9th? Is it necessary?

To answer the question, it is very necessary to refer to RS Aggrawal book for class 9 and solutions for mathematics. Every High school student recommends this book because it is very useful in clearing the concepts and providing an in-depth understanding. All the student has to do is go through the basic concepts related to each chapter and then understanding the solution becomes easier.

How should we approach the book?

The book has a lot of problems and solving every problem cannot be manageable for many students. The book has different levels of questions. A Student can start by solving the simple questions and slowly raising the level, by increasing the level of difficulty. For example, if a student wants to do the chapter 8 triangles of their NCERT book they should start by solving the examples given in the NCERT book. Solving the exercises in the NCERT book.

Then they should refer to the RS Agrawal book and increase the level of difficulty of the questions. After solving the questions without seeing the solutions they should check their solutions from

RS Aggarwal Class 9 Solutions Chapter 8 Triangles. They should practice every concept again and again so that they get to know no all the concepts. This will provide all the basic knowledge and the sense of applying concepts in different questions. Revising the concepts, again and again, will improve the chances of getting the correct solution every time a different question of the same type is encountered.

After solving all the problems which are easier as compared to the ones students were struggling to get the answers with they should solve those questions. The three categories of question types are, the one whether the students can find the answers easily, the second is when the students know the concept but they can’t find the answers correctly, and the third is when they don’t know the concept and the answer.

Solving the first question type the student should jump to the second question type and come to the third question type which is also given the name of higher-order thinking skills questions. The Higher-Order thinking skills questions are often asked for five marks in the paper. Referring to the RS Aggarwal book for solving questions and getting solutions would certainly help the child to secure good marks by solving the higher-order thinking skills question.

It is completely understandable when students find themselves puzzled and confused over questions from simple topics like triangles for class 9. Sometimes the questions asked are very confusing and students feel demotivated when they can’t find the solution. The students start reframing from solving the questions and studying maths altogether.

In such a situation the student should boost himself up and refer to the solutions and try to understand the method used for solving the questions. They should keep practicing the questions time and again and realize that practice is the key to success in maths. Solving the questions from the RS Aggarwal Class 9 book and referring to the solutions would enhance the mental abilities of the learners. Sometimes they will be able to solve the toughest questions that are seen in the exam papers for class ninth.

Practicing the questions and keeping faith in themselves will help the learners tackle the problem of getting less scores in mathematics. In the meantime using such a wonderful book like RS Agrawal for their class ninth studies the students will develop self-confidence in mathematics in no time and the fear for mathematics will vanish away very quickly. This book can help the students climb the zenith of success by just practicing the questions. Students who fear mathematics will start loving it.

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