Remex Ghana, an enterprise that deals in creative design, brand identity, advertising, etc. has initiated photography awards and exhibitions as parts of its efforts to push forward the photography industry.
This is the maiden edition and it is slated for December 7, 2019.

The Grand Pixels Photography Awards and Exhibitions is to honour eminent photographers in the country. Dyck Antwi Kesse, who is the lead of the project said:

“The awards are about more than accolades, plaques or wins. They are a celebration of photography in Ghana as a whole – its triumphs, progress, and the critical role it plays for businesses and for national and cultural projection.”

According to Kesse, photographers are no more people who just take photos. He explained that photographers are part of the most powerful people in the world now. Photography has progressed to the level of telling stories in our societies today.

He said, “It is for this reason that the most deserving photographers will be honoured. Not just for their ingenuity and hard work but perseverance towards advertising Ghana to the world.”

The Remex Grand Pixels Photography Awards scheme is going to introduce a project that will have educational workshops for filmmakers and beginner photographers. The workshop will give the participants the opportunity to meet prominent people in the photography field. They will share their experience and knowledge with the participants of the workshop.

According to the awards coordinator, Derrick Edwards, just like any form of art, photography has cultural scopes that cover a lot in people’s lives. He believes photography strengthens the appreciation of life.

Remex’s Grand Pixels Photography Awards will honour Mr James Barnor with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Mr Barnor is the first Ghanaian photographer to produce colour photographs.

Remex is organising the Grand Pixels Photography Awards and Exhibition in partnership with the Association of Professional Photographers, Ghana. The date scheduled for the awards is Saturday, December 7, 2019.


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