The redesigned version of Google’s fitness app, Google Fit, is now available for iOS users. The fitness tracking app from Google was redesigned for Android users last year.

The Google Fit app now integrates with the Apple Health app. This means your Google Fit goals will be contributed to by your progress from other health and fitness related apps like Nike Run Club, Sleep Cycle, and Headspace.

The iOS Google Fit app also syncs with both the Apple Watch and Wear OS devices.

The design of the Google Fit app is developed around the idea of closing rings to hit activity goals based on recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA). And that is about 150 minutes of moderate activity in a week, plus about 75 minutes of vigorous activity.

Google Fit’s whole marking system is based on two metrics. The first is “Move Minutes”, which means the time you were active. The second is “Heart Points”. This is for the intensity of whatever activity you are involved in.

For anyone with the Wear OS smartwatch, you probably already enjoyed some features that are now in the Google Fit app. Some of those features were already in the Wear OS app Fit section. To extend those features to other devices also on iOS, the redesigned Google Fit with syncs with the Apple Watch and the Apple Health app.

Google Fit is already available on App Store, you can download it now.

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