REDAVIA Solar Farm

Solar energy, they say, is the future of electricity. Thus, REDAVIA, a provider of cost-effective and reliable solar solutions has introduced what it calls the Solar Farm to agro-businesses in Ghana.

REDAVIA has done this project with one of the country’s top agro-foods businesses, Movelle Company. REDAVIA has installed a solar farm system for the Movelle Company at their site in Takoradi.

Movelle is an agro-business that deals with high volume of sea fish. The company supplies the high demand for oily fish in the West African fish markets. With such high volume demands, the company would need to keep its products frozen all throughout the week.

This will definitely equal to a high cost of electricity. So to cut down electricity cost, Movelle called on REDAVIA and now the solar farm has been introduced on a large scale in Ghana.

The CEO of the Movelle Group, Alan Osei-Assibey expressed his delight as REDAVIA accepted to work with them. He said, “As both a family business and a market leader, we are delighted that the REDAVIA model enables us to balance both environmental concerns and financial viability.”

He continued that the partnership between Movelle and “REDAVIA will allow us to reduce both operational costs and carbon emissions.”

The solar farm system by REDAVIA gives its customers a flexible supplement to their grid power. REDAVIA runs its solar farm installation on a flexible lease contract basis so there’s no large up-front capital expenditure by its customers. Designed for maximum ease, REDAVIA’s contract also includes installation, maintenance, and 24/7 technical monitoring.

The founder and CEO of REDAVIA, Erwin Spolders, said, “Solar power reduces costs, generating savings that can be reinvested into the business, while also reducing the carbon footprint of the business. It’s a win-win scenario.”


REDAVIA is a company that provides solar power solutions for communities and businesses across West and East Africa. Its systems are based on pre-configured models, including high-performance solar modules and electrical components. Its solar power system is easy to ship, set up, scale and redeploy.



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