No matter the breed, a puppy is inarguably cute. But, unfortunately, people often get excited and adopt a puppy but fail to take their proper care. So relax; below is a complete puppy training guide that will keep your furry friend in the pink of health.

A Brief on Some Vital Things to Teach a Puppy

1. Socialize

First and foremost, one needs to teach its puppy that this world is a happy and safe place. In other words, they must socialize their puppy, that is, take them to different places, expose them to various surfaces, sounds, sights, other animals, and humans, and above all ensure that the puppy enjoys it. Take the puppy to places that are safe and where the environment is calm. Crowded streets and loud parties are a big NO. Instead, discover businesses that welcome pets and also take them shopping. Most importantly, keep the puppy away from anything that it is afraid of.

 2. Do not Leave the Puppy Alone

A dog is a social animal and spends most of its time in others’ company. Often pet owners leave their pets all alone at home for long hours. Owing to this, puppies develop isolation anxiety and separation behaviors. To keep away from this, it is best to introduce the puppy to aloneness slowly.
The pet owner must include exercise-pen training or crate during the process to leave it safely confined in their absence. They should also play with the puppy and then feed it properly. Finally, the pet owner should gradually increase his distance from the puppy and leave it alone till it is relaxed and calm on its own.

3. Housetrain

It is imperative to teach the puppy to estimate where the owner wants it. This process may be simple, yet it is not always that easy. Successful dog training needs ultra-management. Early-eye supervision, exercise pens, baby gates, crates, tethers, and leashes all play a crucial role as the puppy learns about the outdoor bathroom.
The idea is to take the puppy to its potty spot often and reinforcing it. Initially, take the puppy every hour and slowly increase the time between the bathroom trips. The pet owners should also encourage the puppy to go on various surfaces as if they get training to go just on grass; they will not go on any other surface if the grass is not available.

4. Associate Human Touch

Dogs have to deal with human touch all through their lives, which they are not always in favor of. And one cannot blame them as often the touch appears to be unpleasant with pain and forced restraint. A pet owner can make their puppy’s life easier by teaching it right from the beginning that human touch can make good things happen and minimize only necessary restraint.
One can start by pairing tasty treats with non-invasive touches and begin by slowly and softly touching the side of its neck and then proceed with the other parts that it is less comfortable with, such as under the belly or chest, paws, or ears. It is best to go slow.
Apart from this, let the puppy chew designated chew objects, adopt a force-free training, let it learn different new things, teach it a prompt recall, let the puppy enjoy car rides, and most importantly, reinforce the puppy’s trust. The bottom line is, if you have adopted a puppy, train it well. To know more, visit a good puppy training center, such as head to Ridgeside K9 NorCal Dog Training.
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