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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, famously known as PUBG, has been one of the hottest online multiple player battle royale game. The game has already crossed 600 million downloads and doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon.

PUBG is a competitive third-person shooter game  that pits you against 99 other players in a battle for the last man standing. Starting with nothing, you’ll need to find supplies, arm yourself, and head into the fray as the environment around you gets smaller and smaller as time goes on.

Regardless, it’s essential to understand the in’s and out’s of any game before you start playing it. In this episode, we provide five tips for beginners that will put them ahead of the pack and help you bag those sweet, spicy chicken dinners.

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Choose your appropriate grip

PUBG Mobile
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There are various ways you can keep your phone while you’re playing PUBG Mobile. In mobile gaming, the thumb grip is very common and is easier to use. In contrast to thumb grip, it is difficult for you to learn both three finger claw and four finger club. But once you have mastered them, you can find that they’re extremely rewarding. Nonetheless, it’s important to stick to one style as moving frequently between different methods will impact your overall performance.

Use Practice Sessions to understand different loadout

Pubg Mobile
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Several beginners usually have difficulty choosing the right loadout in PUBG mobile matches. It is advised to go into practice sessions and try every available weapon that will give you fair idea of different patterns of recoil bullets drops , and management of ammunition. After you get to know different weapons, select a loadout, and practice with it until you have properly mastered the loadout.

Know the various maps

Pubg Mobile
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This is aimed at players interested in the competitive side of the game. PUBG Mobile currently has four maps, each bringing a unique flavor to the table. Understanding different maps and all the hotspots also gives you an optimum upper hand, which increases your chances of winning the game significantly. It will also give you an idea of various escape routes and attack routes in a particular location.

When you are getting sniped don’t lie down

When someone snips from a distance from you, your first instinct is to lie down from the ground. This mistake has been made numerous times by many beginners. You’ve already been identified by the sniper and they have a good point of view. All you have to do is to lower your target and fire if you lie down. You’re gone, Bam. Drop guns, zigzag them, and run like hell.

Shoot to kill

When you spot someone and they haven’t spotted you, just take the shot if there’s a chance of success, otherwise you’ll just end up giving away your place. You’ve plenty of time to take the perfect shot since you’ve seen them. Aim for the head, and fire in bursts until the player’s dead.

Look around without moving

Without showing yourself, you can hide behind corners and use the ‘ eye-button ‘ to peek around the corner. This is a handy trick that can help you identify enemies without allowing them to see you.



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