Guys, do you want to make it difficult for a lady to say no to you? We can help. You can make a girl fall completely for you if you know the right steps to take. Just follow the instructions below, and you will thank us later.
1. Get a life: A girl cannot fall for you if your life is boring and uninteresting. Guys with amazing experiences never lack women around them. Take charge of your life, work on improving and adding value to yourself, and be amazing at your place of work.
2. Make her laugh: Everyone is funny in their unique way. As you already know, girls love to laugh, and the more laughter you get from them, the more they will love to have you around. And that will most likely lead to a deeper attraction.
3. Be friends with her first: Great relationships begin with friendship. Just be a cool friend who is easy to relate and joke with and things can grow from there. Once she knows you will always be there for her, it could develop into something more serious.

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4. Share your intimate details: According to PulseNG, sharing a personal secret once in a while with her will make you score great points with this lady. It makes her feel she is trusted and also make her trust you in return. She’ll feel incredibly special too.
5. Attention: As you already know, ladies love attention. It is the most valuable thing you can give to a lady. They conclude that you want them if you pay attention to their existence. Looking straight into her eyes while she talks to you also has a mental effect on how concerned you are about her wellbeing.
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