Have you ever searched for something on google, and the next moment, you scroll through your newsfeed and find Ads on exactly what you searched for or specific content related to it? That is the power of artificial intelligence that can tailor our interests to the particular things we want to see on our phone.
This shows that whenever we use the internet, we leave traces of ourselves there. We cannot say because of this; we would stop using the internet, especially looking at how technology-driven the world is becoming and how the internet simplifies our lives.
As we become dependent on the internet for the benefits it affords us, it also means one thing; that we become potential targets of hackers — depending on your worth and the value of the information you have access to, that the hackers are in need of. There are risks associated with using the internet, no doubt, but there is a way to tread carefully, as we make use of it, so we do not become susceptible to the schemes of hackers or become their bait.
How do you prevent your valuable information from getting into the wrong hands as you surf the internet? How do you protect yourself from hackers? Internet security is paramount in our daily activities; that is why I have carefully put together five ways to protect yourself from hackers. Make use of them so you can stay safe on the internet.

Five ways to protect yourself from hackers

1. Use two-factor authentication or two-step verification

Hackers might play pranks on you for several reasons. You must ensure that they don’t get access to you. We have already established that we leave traces of ourselves on the internet, so on your part, employ the use of two-factor verification. Whether Facebook, or Twitter, or even banking devices, they all support the ability to enable extra security features on your account.
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You can simply log into your account, go to your settings, and activate it. This can be a sure way to protect yourself from hackers. Whenever you log in, it will send you a message to enable it so you can stay safe.
The importance of this is that, even if a hacker gets access to your account, they will still have to get access to your phone to get a hold of your account.
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2. Don’t use the same password everywhere

Not all hackers use social engineering to know something about you and hence track you. One of the easiest ways we give hackers access to us is by using the same password for multiple accounts. Maybe it’s hard to do this because you quickly forget your passwords, but if you are looking out for a way to protect yourself from hackers, then you have to find a solution for yourself. Having different passwords for different accounts is just one of the ways of safe behavior online. You might need to undergo additional training in internet safety if you’d like to learn about other ways to be protected online.
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3. Stay up to date by frequently updating your computer software

There are somethings we ignore; an example is your computer alerting you that you need to update your machine. Sometimes in the background, your computer software might have noticed a virus or an intruder, and updating your device would be your way of staying safe. Please keep up to date and protect yourself from hackers.
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4. Be careful how much information you post online


The world is much more interconnected than it used to be with the help of the internet. So while you use social media, don’t be overly excited to share your breath-taking pictures and sensitive information that can cost you big time. Be careful how much information you post online. Hackers might use that against you. They can study you consistently and know how to get your attention.
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For instance, assuming you buy something online and you are expecting a delivery, per the accurate information you have been providing on social media over time, they can impersonate as you, engage the delivery company and get your package delivered to them, at your loss. They can also create a sense of urgency for you, something you cannot ignore, and once you respond, you might be their victim. So, protect yourself from hackers by treading wisely on social media.
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5. Sharing personal information

You must be on the guard when it comes to revealing or sharing personal information with anonymous people. Corporate bodies might have protocols in place, so few of them will call requesting for information such as your social security numbers, credit card numbers, or even mobile money pin, or pose to be working on an update for you.

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Be careful how you deal with such people because it might be a way of hacking you. Be extra certain if it becomes necessary to reveal these sensitive issues about yourself before you do so. Your diligence might be a way to protect yourself from hackers.

Final word

It would interest you to know that not all people will use the information you put out there against you. Digital marketers need to know your interests, what you are searching for, so they can pitch their ideas to you properly. This I would say, is not an entirely bad thing.
You cannot filter the bad internet users from the good ones, so just be careful whatever you do on the internet. If the information you are putting out there can haunt you some years to come, then please desist from putting it out there. At all times, always know that you can protect yourself from hackers.
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