A couple of weeks back we published an article concerning the fraud complaints being made in relation to MTN Mobile Money by its subscribers. In said article, the writer sought to make a case about the correlation between keeping your MTN Mobile Money PIN to yourself, and being defrauded.
The article received lots of attention, including that of the target organization, MTN Ghana, who quickly sent a response. We’d like to clarify, however, that the intent of the original article was not to reduce the importance of keeping your MTN Mobile Money PIN private. In fact, you should jealously guard your MoMo PIN just the same way you do your business email and social media passwords — if not better.
MTN Ghana‘s response is reproduced below:

Keeping MTN Mobile Money PIN to yourself is critical amongst other things

The attention of MTN Ghana has been drawn to an article which suggests that keeping customer pins secretive is not enough to fight MoMo fraud. MTN considers this very critical in the fight against MoMo fraud.
MTN remains committed to the fight against MoMo fraud and in building customer confidence in the service.  Customers should be assured that due to the robustness of the MTN MoMo platforms, fraudsters are unable withdraw funds directly without the active participation of the customers hence the social engineering approach being used by fraudsters.
Whilst MTN has put a lot of measures in place to improve MoMo security, It is important to note that no transaction is successful without the customer entering their pin code to authorize a transfer. Customers should therefore at all cost remain vigilant and avoid all forms of discussions on phone regarding their wallets just as they will do when it comes to protecting their visa cards.
MTN continues to step up its MoMo education through aggressive Advertising campaigns, radio engagements and numerous community engagements across the country. It also continues to educate merchants and rewards law-abiding ones whilst recalcitrant merchants are sanctioned.
MTN continues to work with security agencies and the judiciary through capacity building programs to equip them in the arrest and prosecution of culprits. MTN is funding the construction of a Forensics Laboratory for the Ghana Police Service to aid investigations and tracking of fraudsters.
These measures are currently being implemented to ensure that the customer enjoys safe and secure transactions on the MTN MoMo platform and beat any level of sophistication used in defrauding customers.
MTN would like to encourage customers to report fraud through mmfraud@mtn.com, SMS to 1515 or call 100.


We at JBKlutse.com are thankful that MTN Ghana took time to respond to an issue that not only concerns their organization, but also, millions of Ghanaians who are subscribers to the network. We look forward to helping drive the relevant conversations that need to be had in order to help sensitize the general population and consumers of services.
To read the original article, kindly head here.

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