President Akufo-Addo will in Parliament today February 20, 2020, deliver the State of the Nation Address, SONA.
The State of the Nation Address will be expected to focus on key areas of the economy, the gains made so far and steps taken to address some issues confronting the country.
Key among them will be how the government’s effort has helped solve the issue of illegal mining popularly known as galamsey. The performance of the economy, the energy sector, health, sanitation, the road sector, corruption among others.

Revived economy

Bawumia said the country’s economy has been revived following the implementation of series of measures instituted by the governing NPP.
He made this comment at the first town hall meeting for this year (2020) at Kumasi.
Dr Bawumia said: ”We have analyzed the economy before we came, we analyzed these problems and talked about them and put forward solutions which were largely captured in our 2016 election manifesto. Some of the problems that existed in the economy, many of which were worsened following the 8 years of the NDC government included declining economic growth, rapid accumulation of the debt under their government. After 3 years in office, the results of the physical consolidation are evident and data shows that significant progress has been made to restore macro stability and economic growth. The growing confidence in the macroeconomy owes a lot to the prudent management of the public finances and monetary affairs over the last 3 years”.
He also stated that: ”To underpin physical discipline going forward, Ghana has for the first time in history passed into law a physical responsibility Act that limits the fiscal deficit in any year to a maximum of 5% of GDP”.

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