Quite recently, our daily movements have been made very easy as car-hailing companies such as Uber offer us the needed assistance. Uber, for instance, is more popular in Ghana than other car-hailing companies, and since they have a lot of opportunities on offer, they have more drivers registered with them.
Here are some few things you need to know if you want to become an impressive Uber driver.
1. Expect angry passengers: If you make up your mind to work for Uber, you must know that angry passengers are inevitable. It is up to you not to do anything that will ruin your day or affect your rating. Calm them down and make sure things do not escalate.
2. Recruitment bonuses can boost your income: If you can make new passengers sign up for the service, you’ll get a recruitment bonus that will increase your income. Do all you can to create business cards that will include your referral code plus information about Uber and share them at events, hotels, and so on.
3. Track your cost: Tracking your income and expenses will save you lots of money. To know if a ride is worth it, you have to figure out precisely how much it costs you to own and operate your car. A lot of drivers do not do this and it affects them negatively. You must make extra effort to know the cost of owning and operating your vehicle, including depreciation, new tires, new brakes, maintenance, among others.

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4. Forget the overrated earnings: Uber will say a lot of amazing things about your earnings as a driver, but you should not get carried away. The truth is that you will have to make lots of trips every week to reach the level of earnings you want. Uber even reduced its rates recently so you have your work cut out for you.
5. Uber’s rating is vital: As an Uber driver, you must know that Uber’s rating system exists to encourage good behaviour among passengers and drivers. Bad behaviour has led to the dismissal of several drivers in the past, and you do not want to fall prey to that. Please your customers at all times because Uber believes they are always right.
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