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Finally, over the week, Facebook revealed their rules. The social network has announced its ‘Community Standards’, which sets out six forbidden activities.

In a blog post, Facebook said that the severity of the post will determine the consequence of the breach. This can go as far as a ban.

‘For instance, we may warn someone for a first breach, but if they continue to breach our policies, we may restrict their ability to post on Facebook or disable their profile.

We may also notify law enforcement when we believe that there is a genuine risk of physical harm or a direct threat to public safety.’ the firm wrote.

Here’s a list of the things you shouldn’t be posting:

  • Posting any violent threats or content showing violence, selling weapons or posts that incite violence
  • No bullying, harassment or misuse of someone’s photos. Sexual exploitation of adults or children is also forbidden.
  • Hate speech, graphic violence, nudity or ‘cruel and insensitive’ posts will be punished.
  • No spamming, impersonating other people or spreading fake news.
  • ‘Respect other people’s copyrights, trademarks and other legal rights’ by not uploading copyrighted material.
  • You’ll be banned if the government files a ‘requests for removal of child abuse imagery depicting, for example, beating by an adult or strangling or suffocating by an adult’.

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