A couple of car crashes are not severe because only one or two vehicles and two people are involved in the mishap. However, if there are more than two cars and multiple people are involved, things get challenging, especially when it comes to your injury claim. It becomes hard to figure out what caused the accident and who was more negligent while driving on the road.

According to an article published on Huffpost.com, there are many types of car wrecks, such as drunken driving, distracted driving, and speeding, and so on. If a family is travelling with the teens talking or shouting from the backseat of the car, it could lead to distraction involving more people, causing the vehicle to crash into two or more cars on the road. The same could happen if drunken youngsters drive a car and cause an accident. So read on to learn what happens when multiple people are involved in a car crash.

1. Factors for a multi-vehicle accident

Chasing or following closely – More than one car might chase each other; try to overtake closely when there is too much traffic, or when the drivers try to act too rash while driving. If there is little or no space between two cars, one vehicle might rub badly into the back of the other, leading to a pile-up accident.
Speeding – Severe accidents occur when drivers speed up beyond the limit. In such cases, the driver has no time to stop and hits more than one vehicle on the road. When there is a crash between one vehicle and another, the other drivers will not have time to brake, thus resulting in a pileup.
Bad weather conditions – Heavy rain, snow, or ice makes vehicles skid and slide on the US roads. Moreover, inclement climatic conditions lead to poor visibility, resulting in multiple vehicle collisions. If you have any questions about such accidents, feel free to consult with any Fort Worth law firm near you.

2. Understanding the party or person at fault

It is not easy to prove who is at fault when there are multiple collisions. Your lawyer and insurer might look into many factors such as whether the drivers defied traffic laws, the accident spot if the law enforcement officials gave any tickets to the drivers, climatic and road conditions during the mishap, the information available and recorded in the report, statements of witnesses, and action or behavior of the drivers.

As far as rear-end car crashes are concerned, the driver at the back of another is usually responsible for not allowing sufficient space between the vehicles.

3. Comparative negligence

In some US states, the injured party may not get compensation if he was more negligent while driving than the others. If the fault is negligible, the injured driver can file a compensation suit for the damages and injuries sustained.

Final words

When you are involved in a multi-car or multi-person accident, always hire an experienced attorney to ensure that you get the claim amount you deserve, if you are not at fault.

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