You may have seen ads advertising the services of websites that offer you the chance to buy Instagram comments cheap or get Facebook likes at the best price or pay next to nothing for additional Twitter followers. If you are not sure what these are about then let us guide you: There is a whole new market which has opened up online and it is related to all things social media. With social media being one of the most popular areas of the Internet, it is no surprise that the demand for additional features continues to increase and this leads to people increasingly looking for different ways to get the interaction their profile needs to keep it ticking along nicely. In order to supply people with a steady stream of engagement for their social media profiles, these endeavouring folk have gone out of the way to gather social media users interested in helping out the rest of us. These people help us out by providing their engagement in various forms, whether through views, likes, comments or as followers, and you only need to pay a fair price in return for the privilege. In order to find out more about how this works, take a look through the rest of this article.

What are social media features?

Social media features refer to the different ways that people interact with your profile. This can be through people viewing your account, indicating their appreciation of its content by liking it or posting a message underneath or signing up to keep regularly informed of what happens with your account by being a follower. All of these different types of interaction result in your profile becoming more visible as a whole throughout social media. This means that your account is more likely to be promoted to other users and it is more likely to be spotted, thus increasing once more your chances of having people take notice of your opinions and ideas. Depending on the heights you want to scale on social media, getting a wider base of fans is going to be important so more engagement in the form of social media features is crucial.

Why consider paying for them?

These features do appear organically and it is only a matter of time before they will come your way. However, considering that there is so much competition out there, it could be worth your while to take this approach into account. The vast number of users, many of them who are just starting out and struggling to get interaction just like you, means that there is a lot of competition for interaction. Interaction is not some finite resource but there are only so many posts that people are going to be interested in looking at. To this end, you need to guarantee that you will get engagement in order to keep one step ahead of the chasing pack. Engagement does occur naturally but there is no guarantee of the frequency or the amount. Especially when you are starting out, it is essential to leave your mark so this is when you should be most concerned with getting interaction, however it may come about.


Views are the bottom rung of the interaction ladder. They simply refer to the times when someone views your profile or some of its content. It involves very little effort from the user in question and on some social networks the number of views received is not even visible. However, views can still contribute to a profile growing or a particular post getting more attention so be sure to get some of them. If you pay for them, you simply need to add as many as possible to the post you want to have more attention.


Likes are the next step up from views and frequently listed as an indicator of the popularity and/or quality of the content in question. Therefore, it is worth your while getting as many likes as possible. As with views, the idea behind using likes that you have purchased is to add as many of them as possible to your profile and to get as much attention for your content as you can.


Comments are another important feature as they give you an opportunity to interact with other social media users. Comments tend to generate more interaction for users that receive them as they can lead to likes and views for the comment itself, as well as additional for comments from other users looking to respond to the topic at hand. Comments can also be used to tag other users in a bid to lure them to the content in question. As such, comments can be seen as a more useful form of interaction as they tend to involve more people.


The most important feature of all is undoubtedly the follower as the follower helps you build up your profile by regularly interacting with your profile in all the ways mentioned above. Followers also represent the most important statistic for social media users as this is the easiest way for any social media user to give a clear idea of their overall popularity. With this being the case, it is worth investing in followers but they should be added gradually over time in order to slowly increase the level of interaction as opposed to having a sudden spike inactivity.

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