Although you may have been using Instagram for several years and continue to do so daily, there are likely many different functions and features on the app that you are unaware of.

We have listed some of these below for you.

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Instagram Hacks

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1. See what posts you’ve liked

If you want to go back in time and look at all of the posts you have ever liked before, this can be done by pressing the “hamburger” menu. Go to Settings, then Account, and press Posts You’ve Liked.

2. Manage several accounts from a single device

You can manage as many as five different Instagram accounts from your smartphone with the app. This is a valuable feature for any social media managers out there that have multiple accounts to run simultaneously. To add an account, press the gear icon (Settings) and go down to the bottom and press Add Account. You will be sent to a login page where you can log in and add another account.

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3. Add breaks in your bio

To better explain what you and your brand are about, you can use separate lines in your bio. However, the process of doing this is not that straightforward. To get around this, write the bio out in a notes application on your smartphone, with the line breaks you want, and then copy and paste it into the bio section.


4. Tag other accounts in your bio

When tagging the profiles of other Instagram accounts on your bio, they automatically become clickable. This, therefore, acts as the perfect place to promote any other accounts, such as sister companies, that you may have on the platform.

5. Change the alignment of your bio

To stand out from the rest of the accounts on Instagram, you can change the alignment of your bio from the standard left-aligned to either centre or right aligned instead. There are pieces of code that you can download online to do this. Once copied, the code can then be pasted into your bio.

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6. Put keywords in your profile name

So that your Account becomes more visible when searched for, you can add keywords to your username. This is because, rather than names, sometimes users on Instagram search for specific words related to the industry or product/service.

Bottom Line

Using these favourite hacks of ours will make the app both easier to use and more fun, but it will also likely increase your following on there. For a quicker and more professional way of increasing your Instagram following, visit the specialists at Social Meep who can help you with doing that exactly.


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