ORide launches in Nigeria

ORide launch Nigeria

ORide, a fresh and innovative on-demand motorbike ride-hailing service has started operating in Lagos, Nigeria with instant expansion plans all over the country.
Inspired by tech, ORide can be used through the OPay application – a proper app that can be accessed on Android and iPhone, with features that help with lifestyle demands which include food order and delivery, utility bills payment, cash access e.t.c.
Unveiled in May 2019 with operations starting in Lagos State, ORide has now reached Ibadan as well.
ORide launched alongside ORide Green, its motorbike models of 200cc engine specification focused on providing far distance trip service and ORide Street, aimed at providing quicker intra-city trips.
ORide is an answer to the several transport challenges and traffic problems in the country. The service provides less rigid payment options like cash, card payment, and payment via the OPay application that lets riders take advantage of promotional packages.

ORide launch Nigeria
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Opay Country Manager, Iniabasi Akpan had this to say, “About 25-30% of the Nigerian adult population are uneducated, poor, and have little or no access to financial services. As a business, we exist to remove the barriers to financial services and access to a better quality of life for the underprivileged and the financially excluded.
Through our business operations, we provide opportunities for operators and users in the less formal and informal sector to access the tools, training, skills, and finance they need for a better life leveraging the use of mobile phones and technology. ORide is just one of those channels we consider vital to achieving our goals of providing access to financial services and improving the quality of life of low-income families.
There are also several other social benefits of ORide which includes the potential to create more than 100,000 tax paying jobs, easing the movement of people and goods, and boosting commerce and entrepreneurship.”
Director of Product, Ridwan Olalere also said, “All ORide motorbike riders have been trained by safety professionals – our first training resulted in a 50% pass rate. We have then taken steps to hold a monthly class for the riders.
All ORide motorbikes come with a pre-adjusted speed limit of 60kmph. Also, the motorbikes have unique tracking devices attached to them and can be tracked online in real time.”



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