Oraimo headphone speak

There are those times that even the most hardcore of music lovers would want to listen to music without having their headphones on – not because they don’t need them, but instead, they would do so to escape the ear fatigue.
If you happen to catch yourself thinking of that often then, the 2 in 1 Oraimo headphone speaker is the gadget you’ve been waiting for.

Oraimo headphone speak

Featuring a built in 450mAh battery, the Oraimo headphone speaker provides up to 8 hours of either talk time or music playing time, and also 200 hours on standby.

A multi-functioning Bluetooth enabled device, it is FM compatible and also features a slot for a microSD card, as well as having an AUX input.
The Theater wireless headphone delivers a powerful and crisp sound at any volume, thanks to Oraimo’s exclusive technology.

Oraimo headphone speak

Now here’s its coolest feature: the ability to turn the earcups outward so it looks like a mini woofer. Now you can continue to listen to crisp sounds while your ears take a break from the crushing pressure of headphone earcups pressing on them.

Oraimo headphone speaker

Not only is the Oraimo headphone speaker one of the coolest devices Oraimo has on the market, currently. It’s also one that’s worth the talk. Not only is it a sleek looking device – it’s also one that will be the talk of the town for months to come.

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