OPay is one of the fastest-growing companies in Nigeria, which provides consumers with a wide range of services including mobile payments and transfers, ridesharing and food delivery. This child company of internet company Opera is looking to enter the Ghanaian market with its services.
OPay has recently raised $120 million in funding and it is going to use part of the money to spread its operations into a couple of African countries, including Ghana. OPay has launched a mobile payment service since August 2018 in Nigeria. It is on this payment service that the company is adding other services.
The CEO of OPay, Yahui Zhou, said the company is going to provide people in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria “and other African countries with the best fintech ecosystem that Africa has ever seen.” He continued that the financial service will be “paired with the inclusion of daily use services such as transportation and delivery.

About OPay

OPay is a one-stop mobile-based platform for payment, transportation, food & grocery delivery, and other important services in your everyday life. Millions of users in Nigeria rely on OPay to send and receive money, pay bills, obtain transportation and order food and groceries.

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