Considering how today’s world is driven by capitalism, the idea of open source software may somewhat feel like an anomaly for many. It’s hard to imagine a community of developers happily working on software for years — usually for no money or the barest minimum of donations.
However, they are real, and you may be surprised how some of these open source software can be up to the task just like the proprietary ones you may be used to.
Here in this article, we’ll read about some software we deem the best. Opinions may be divided over this list because there are tons of open source software out there that we haven’t been exposed to yet. So take this instead as a suggestion about the really great ones. Read on!


Designed for the Mac and Windows platforms, this incredibly intuitive LEGO-building software, will have you digitally constructing the wildest models you ever imagined.
software image
One of‘s coolest features is its ability to help you make your models real by tracking down where to buy the bricks you used in your model, so you can place orders right away.

2. Gimp

GIMP is a veteran, and, after all these years, it has established itself as the best free alternative to Adobe Photoshop. You won’t be lost while using this software, as it’s UI takes a lot of inspiration from Photoshop such that certain features such as curvature pens and layers, etc., can be found in just the same place you’ll find them in Adobe Photoshop.
GIMP open source software
A 2018 update to the software brought a dark theme, while adding customization with redesigned icon sizes — making it easier to tailor to HiDPI screens. Most importantly, the software, which is supported by the Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms now takes advantage of modern tech such as high bit-depth support, multi-threading, and GPU-side processing for those with the graphical firepower.

3. Retroarch

Containing piles of emulators for all the most popular consoles, Retroarch is the open source king of video game emulation. The “cores” are adapted to download, update and work within the software. The very best emulators for any given console are the ones you’ll find in Retroarch.
RetroArch open source software
Although it has a leaning curve, making it take a little time to get used to it, Retroarch remains the best, and it’s supported by the Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms.

4. TestDisk

Released over twenty years ago, TestDisk remains one of the best tools for recovering deleted and lost partitions of data in various formats. This very clinical and efficient tool works from a command-line interface, which may put off those who prefer a more user-friendly look.
testdisk - open source software
However, this remains one of the best and most efficient options fro data recovery and once you learn how to use the commands, you’ll find the file system support as very impressive.
Alright. This is it for this article. As stated earlier, this is not a list of everything, however, if you think we missed any vital open source software, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments.

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