OnePlus smartphone company is here again with another beast phone which is supposed to reverse the flaws and flops in the previously released 6T. The new one, OnePlus 7 Pro, is touted by early-bird reviewers as a fast smartphone with cool features and doesn’t cost like other flagship devices from the likes of Apple and Samsung.

The OnePlus 7 Pro may not cost like the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy but it is still not considered a cheap phone. The company’s webpage for the phone says “Go Beyond Speed…From $669”.

Yes! That’s is the starting price when it is finally released on May 17, 2019. Currently, the 669 or 670 in US dollars is equivalent to about 3,450 Ghanaian cedis.  So if you like this phone, be ready to shed more than ₵3k on it.

Let’s see some things that the OnePlus 7 Pro has that is quickly making it a darling. Before anything, just know the phone is also part of the smartphone group using the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor.

Features of the OnePlus 7 Pro

Design and Display

Similar to the recent predecessors, the OnePlus 7 Pro has an excellent build appearance. For a smartphone to cost ₵3,000+, the company wouldn’t want to mess up the appearance. The phone’s design comes in 3 variants: Mirror Grey, Almond, and Nebula Blue.

The 3 camera lenses are line vertically on the back with the flash light under them. It weighs about 200 grams. The phone comes with a flawless QHD+ resolution (3120 x 1440 pixels). This gives the device a truly cinematic experience.

The selfie camera is not sited on the screen so it has a 6.67-inches flawless mobile display. It has the first-ever AMOLED display with a 90 Hz refresh rate on a smartphone —the first to go beyond 1080p resolution. The fingerprint sensor is located on the screen for fast unlocking, and the company claims you can unlock the device in just 0.21 seconds via the fingerprint sensor.

OnePlus 7 Pro display & fingerprint sensor

Processor, RAM, and Internal Storage

With the Snapdragon 855 chipset inside, you are sure to have a smooth mobile experience with the OnePlus7 Pro.

Based on the RAM and ROM, we have three variants of the handset. There is the 6GB/128GB, the 8GB/256GB and the 12GB RAM with 256GB internal storage.


As told earlier, the OnePlus 7 Pro features three snappers lined up on its back. For photo freaks, there is a 48MP lens on the phone to capture with clarity. The mega 48MP f/1.7 main lens is followed by an 8MP f/2.4 3x-zoom telephoto camera and a 16MP f/2.2 ultra-wide camera.

OnePlus 7 Pro triple rear cameras

Features of the triple-rear camera system include Dual-LED dual-tone flash, panorama, HDR.

OnePlus 7 Pro features a pop-up selfie camera

The selfie cam is not carved on the screen like most other notchless smartphones. The selfie camera is now a pop-up camera with a new 16MP sensor. This essentially gives the OnePlus 7 a true all-screen display.

For those concerned with this style of a camera, OnePlus assures that camera built to last. According to the company, “you could take over a 150 times every day for 5.5 years without wearing down the camera unit”. The camera was designed to withstand sliding out up to 300,000 times.

So that it doesn’t break, the pop-up camera is designed to “automatically retract if it detects your device is being dropped”.

OnePlus 7 Pro selfie camera


The OnePlus 7 Pro comes out of the box running on the latest stable mobile operating system for Google — Android 9.0 (Pie). Not just that, OnePlus has its own OS – Oxygen OS 9 – running on top of the Android OS.


The battery powering the OnePlus 7 Pro has a capacity of 4,000mAh. It is supposed lasted for over 12 hours per charge with normal use. The “normal use” here means taking dozens of photos with the cameras, doing some video streaming over Wi-Fi and 4G networks and general online surfing.


This OnePlus device features the support for the 30W fast battery charge. The phone comes with a 30W Warp Charge adapter.

Warp Charge can get a dead phone up to 20 percent within 8 minutes. One thing to note is, the phone doesn’t heat up despite the lightning-fast speed charging.

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Missing features in OnePlus 7 Pro

Now, let’s see the list of things which could’ve been present in the OnePlus but are not. These are features that some mobile users think all top notch smartphones should have.

The first thing is a headphone jack. Many people, including myself, still think the headphone jack is a classic feature in mobile phones and should be present. OnePlus wants you to buy its new Bullets Wireless 2 Bluetooth earphones.

Also, missing, which is a usual thing for OnePlus, is a microSD expansion. It gave the OnePlus 7 Pro a minimum storage of 128GB so there’s no need for additional storage slots.

There is no wireless charging support for the OnePlus 7 Pro as well. You also won’t get the pre-installed radio app on most Android phones.

Price and Availability

OnePlus says sales of the OnePlus 7 Pro will start exactly at 2:00 PM GMT on Friday, May 17, 2019.

The cost starts at $670 (approx. GH ₵3,450). From Friday, May 17, you can hop on to OnePlus’ site and purchase the phone.

Other than that, you’d have to wait till major phone shops in the country ship their orders down.



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