It is all excitement for car lovers, especially those that love Nissan, as Japan Motors Trading Company, authorized distributors of Nissan vehicles in Ghana have launched a new Nissan Sunny vehicle on the Ghanaian market.
The new Nissan Sunny vehicle is one of five new models to be released into the Ghanaian market in 2021, in what promises to be a good year for the Japanese automobile company in Ghana.
The vehicle launched on April 19, 2021, is sophisticated, safe, and comes equipped with the latest technology.
Speaking to Citinewsroom at the launch of the Nissan Sunny vehicle, the General Manager Sales & Marketing of Japan Motors Trading Company Limited, Mr Amine Kabbara, said the introduction of the new Nissan Sunny car demonstrates Japan Motors commitment to its cherished customers, to continuously provide the latest global model at their doorstep here in Ghana.
He reiterated that the model Sunny has over the years established a very solid reputation in Ghana, adding that, he was confident a lot of customers are eagerly waiting to experience the latest edition.

Nissan Sunny vehiclePin
Officials in a group photo at the launching of the new Nissan Sunny vehicle

“It is a complete transformation from its previous generation. It provides a perfect balance of modern style, premium comfort to everyone on board, while it integrates the latest Nissan intelligent mobility,” he said.
“This is the right time for anyone who is looking for a sedan vehicle to choose the new Nissan Sunny as it comes in three different variants that would meet the budget and specifications of our customers,” he added.
The Product Manager of Japan Motors, Mr Adu Buabeng Mensah, reckons that the new vehicle is one that offers efficiency and style, as well as the comfort that consumers require of the brand.
“The all-new Nissan Sunny has everything you’re looking for in a compact sedan vehicle. It gives you more efficiency, more style, more comfort, more power, more safety, and connectivity with your world than never before. The all-new Nissan Sunny is the new king of the compact sedan segments,” Mr Mensah said.

The Nissan Sunny vehicle comes with 17-inch alloy wheels that put a spin on style. With its lower tire profile, it takes that premium look from all angles setting it apart from its competition, he explained.
Other features of the new Nissan Sunny include Apple car play, Android auto, Follow me home headlight, Generous trunk space, 60/40 split seatbacks, and Smart storage. The Nissan Sunny comes with a three-year Warranty or 100,000km whichever comes first.
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